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The Straus Group

FOURTH QUARTER 2011 INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY AND PROCESS The Straus Group seeks to invest in companies that have strong shareholder-focused managements with growing earnings and strong balance sheets, which sell for relatively low


STRAUS HISTORICAL SOCIETY NEWSLETTER August 2000 Page 1 Volume 2 Number 1 August 2000 STRAUS HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. Inside this issue : •Reminiscences of Jacob Greenebaum Sr. •Yesterday and Today -Oscar S. Straus and Oscar S. Straus III •ACGA Straus - Macy Rich Cut Glass Catalog ...

The Straus Historical Society, Inc. A 501(c)(3) not-for ...

STRAUS HISTORICAL SOCIETY NEWSLETTER August 1999 Page 1 Volume 1 Number 1 August 1999 STRAUS HISTORICAL SOCIETY, INC. The Straus Historical Society, Inc.

Conflict Theory, Feminist Theory, and the CTS

Reflection MURRAY A. STRAUS My work on the Conflict Tactics Scales (CTS) grew out of a mix of motivations that has been with me for a lifetime. First was a humanitarian concern, and in this case, a desire to contribute to reducing violence.


ABOUT STRAUS STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONS Jillian Straus founded Straus Strategic Communications to teach individuals and corporations how to capture and maximize media attention.

Darfur and the Genocide Debate

The government, however, did not launch a major counteroªensive until April 2003, after the rebels pulled oª a spectacular attack on a military airfield, destroying several aircraft and kidnapping an air force general in the process. Khartoum responded Scott Straus [124] foreign affairs.

United States ex re. Mikes v. Straus

Court of Appeals Rejects Quality of Care Standard for False Claims Act Liability United States ex rel. Mikes v. Straus United States ex re. Mikes v.

Mrs. Straus moved, seconded by Mrs. Beardmore, that the State ...

1 STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION Also Meeting As STATE BOARD FOR VOCATIONAL EDUCATION Ladislaus B. Dombrowski Board Room John A. Hannah Building 608 West Allegan

Straus Organic Creamery Takes Unique Step To Eliminate GMO ...

Microsoft Word - Straus Organic Dairy Takes Unique Step to Eliminate GMO Contamination.doc

Design Manual Submissions in duplicate to:

Straus Park Design Manual Submissions in duplicate to: Straus Park Master Association, Inc. Environmental Control Committee c/o IPM Corp. P.O. Box 580 2602 Hendersonville Road Arden, NC 28704 tel (828) 650-6875 fax (828) 654-8270 smccall@ipm-corp.com