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CSSF 2004 Project Summary

CALIFORNIA STATE SCIENCE FAIR 2004 PROJECT SUMMARY Ap2/04 Name(s) Project Number Project Title Abstract Summary Statement Help Received Jordan Butler; Amir Haider The Stroop Effect J0304 Objectives/Goals We observed the effect of age and gender on an individual's performance on the the Stroop ...

Schizophrenia and the Stroop Effect

ARTICLE Schizophrenia and the Stroop Effect Avishai Henik Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Ruth Salo University of California, Davis Conflict between irrelevant words and relevant colors in the Strooptask creates interference, long considered a measure of how well individuals focus attention.

Instructions for Collecting Data:

Psychology 100 Lab: The Stroop Effect The Stroop Effect was discovered in 1935 by a researcher named J. R. Stroop. It is a fascinating phenomenon in which the way we automatically process the meaning of words interferes with our ability to identify colors.

Virtual Reality Stroop Task for Neurocognitive Assessment

Virtual Reality Stroop Task for Neurocognitive Assessment Thomas D. PARSONS, a,1 Christopher G. COURTNEY, a Brian ARIZMENDI, a and Michael DAWSON a2

Half a Century of Research on the Stroop Effect: An ...

THE STROOP EFFECT 165 Table 1 Experiment 1: Mean Times (in Seconds With Standard Deviations [SD] ) for Reading Color Words in the Experimental Condition (Incompatible Colored Inks) and in the Control Condition (Black Ink Only) Experimental: Control: words in color words in black Experiment ...

Object-based attentional selection can modulate the Stroop effect

984 WÜHR AND WASZAK Stroop task. One possible reason for the neglect of these issues is the widely held belief that the main difficulties in the Stroop task arise at the level of response selection (e.g., Dyer, 1973b; Lu & Proctor, 1995; Virzi & Egeth, 1985).

Stroop Effect and Vision

Stroop Effect and Vision Your eye can see color as well as black and white images. Your eye is especially equipped with two different kinds of light-sensitive cells.

The Stroop Effect:

Ilyasah Shabazz 3 The following investigation will replicate the Stroop Effect. The Stroop Effect is a test of automatic versus controlled processing that providesdeeper understanding of perceptionfor researchers.

Exploring the Use of Cognitive Models in AI Applications ...

9OO,-, 8OO 7OO '.~ 600 g ~' 5oo 4oo Word Reading) Congruent Control Conflict Figure 1. Stroop Task Performance (Anderson 1995) the subject is ask to name the ink color of a word, the meaning of the word will have a major affect on the response time.


Lab 2: The Stroop Effect: Interference between cognitive processes Goal Certain cognitive processes seem automatic in the sense that the do not require effortful thought or seem beyond our conscious control.