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Subitizing: What Is It? Why Teach It?

Children who cannot subitize conceptually are handicapped in learning such arithmetic processes. Children who can may subitize only small numbers at first.

What Is It? Why Teach It?

ston, and Scott 1974). One reason was that children can subitize directly through interactions with the environment, without social interactions.

Early Number Grades K—2

If a "subitize me" action card is drawn, the player to the left draws a subitzing card and shows it for about half a second. If the player correctly identifies the quantity on the subitizing card they move ahead that number of spaces.

Dot Pattern Cards

Microsoft Word - dot pattern.doc. Dot Pattern Cards 1 1 2 2 3. Dot Pattern Cards 3 3 3 4 4

Math Mats and Manipulatives–Number Recognition

Congratulations on your purchase of this Really Good Stuff ® Math Mats and Manipulatives—Number Recognition —a fun and motivating way for students to solidify their

Dot Card and Ten Frame Activities

Help students with their ability to subitize (recognition of domino and dice patterns). Simply copy onto card stock, laminate, cut out………..and enjoy!

Kordelia's Kountry

• Pre-select a sequence of cards to use before you subitize. As you show the cards (for about one-half of a second), ask how the previous card might have helped to know how many dots are on the card just shown.

Ten Little Fish

Winnipeg School Division Numeracy Project Ten Little Fish Activities: 1. My own book. Create a book with a page for each of the numerals from 1 to 10.

Common Core State Standards

... subitize). According to research (National Research Council, 2009), recognizing small quantities is a precursor to understanding part-part-whole relationships and to developing a sense of number. ...

Making Senseof Number Sense

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