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SPeCIAl uSeS AnD nOn-uSeS OF The ARTICle Anarthrous Pre-verbal Predicate n ominative (Involving Colwell's Rule) A def. pred nom that precedes vb is usu. anarth.; the converse is not true: anarth. pre-verbal pred noms are usu. qualitative The Article with Multiple Substantives Connected by Καί ...

Taxonomic Note: Necessary Correction of Specific Epithets ...

Formed as Substantives (Nouns) “in Apposition” HANS G. TRUPER’” AND LANFRANCO DE’ CLAR12 Institut fur Mikrobiologie & Biotechnologie, Rheinische Friedrich- Wilhelms- Universitat, 0-531 15 Bonn, Germany,


See Wallace, The Article with Multiple Substantives Connected by kaiv in the New Testament , 125-27. 15 Wallace points out that this is the only construction in the LXX that violates Sharp's Rule. Ibid., 127. 16 Daniel B. Wallace, The Article with Multiple Substantives Connected by kaiv in the New ...

subject and predicate nominative in koine Greek

The Hierarchy of Rules When a linking verb is accompanied by two nominative substantives: 1. If one of them is a pronoun, it is always the subject.

Chapter 18 – Audit of the Payroll and Personnel Cycle

©2008 Prentice Hall Business Publishing, Auditing 12/e, Arens/Beasley/Elder 18 -3 The overall objective in the audit of the payroll and personnel cycle is to evaluate whether the account balances affected by the cycle are fairly stated in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

Norwegian for Beginners Introduction

UniLang Community Norwegian for Beginners Introduction Welcome to the Norwegian Course for Beginners. In five lessons we'll try to teach you the basics of the Norwegian language.


Thus in English all words that take part—at least potentially—in the opposition of countability versus uncountability. in that of singularity versus plurality and in that of the adnominal case versus the common case, are substantives, while the words which participate in the oppositions of the ...

Synopsis of Middleton on the Greek Article

... 94, 109, et. al.; Nigel Turner, Syntax, vol. 3 of A Grammar of New Testament Greek by J. H. Moulton (Edinburgh: T. & T. Clark, 1963), 165; C. Kuehne, "The Greek Article," Journal of Theology 13.3-15.1 (1973-75), et passim; and especially, Daniel B. Wallace, "The Article with Multiple Substantives ...

First and Second Declension Adjectives

These two items are interrelated with one another and are discussed immediately below. § Articular Substantives. In many instances, languages express syntactically the same concept except in a different manner.

Granville Sharp Rule

restricting the substantives to instances in the singular number, ensuring that they do not involve use of a proper name, and ensuring that the substantives themselves are personal.