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Summa Cutter Tools

Cutter Tools Page 1 of 14 Summa Cutter Tools 1 Cutter tools Following useful tools can be installed with this program: 1. Plug-in for CorelDraw (from version 11 on) and Adobe Illustrator (from version CS on) for WinPlot.

WinPlot Welcome

The standard settings work with any Summa cutter that is installed out of the box 6. Click OK. Then click OK again to exit the setup configuration.

SummaCare Inc P.O. Box 3620 Akron, OH 44309-3620

SummaCare Inc P.O. Box 3620 Akron, OH 44309-3620 Electronic Fund Transfer Automatic Deposit Authorization Agreement I authorize SummaCare Inc, to initiate credit entries into the account(s) indicated below and authorize the financial institution/bank named below; to credit the same to such ...


SOP:Fallon CEA P age: 2 of 10 R ev: 1.0 D ate: 10/16/01 SUMMA CANISTER SAMPLING 1.0 SCOPE AND APPLICATION The purpose of this standard operating procedure (SOP) is to describe a procedure for sampling of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in ambient air.

MORE THAN HEALING: Today's Research and Innovation at Summa ...

EXPANDING OUR REACH For more than 30 years, the Summa Foundation has worked to support research, medical education and special programs at Summa Health System.


SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2008 SUMMA AND WESTERN RESERVE HOSPITAL PARTNERS MOVING FORWARD ON PLANS FOR NORTHERN HOSPITAL There were some recent editorial articles in the Akron Beacon Journal regarding physician-owned hospitals.

Summa Remote Citrix Web Access Updates

Summa Remote Citrix Web Access Updated 5/6/08 Summa Health System has updated the Summa Remote Website. The site now offers up the latest (windows) web client 10.2 This is certified for all windows 32bit platforms, including Vista.

SummaCare*Secure* Silver* (HMO-POS) *

FEATURES* 1.*Monthly*Plan*Premium** $0* $30* $120 2.*Deductible* $0* $0* $0 3.*Each*Doctor's*Visit*-*Primary*Care* $0* $0* $0 4.*Each*Doctor's*Visit*-*Specialist** $45* $40* $25 5.*Hospital*Stays** $295/day*for*days*1-7* $265/day*for*days*1-8* $195/day*for*days*1-10 6.

SUMMA Canisters

AGAT Laboratories Expands Air VOC Analysis Using SUMMA Canisters AGAT Laboratories has enhanced its air service capabilities with the adoption of the latest SUMMA technology.

CME Calendar

Contact: Mary Starbuck, CME Coordinator, Phone: (330) 375-3234 Email: starbucm@summa-health.org CME Calendar Date & Time Credits* Location Speaker Title Department Summa Health System Wednesday - March 11, 2009 Grand Rounds - Concise Update in Nephrology 2009 Internal Medicine 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM ...