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505 Sec. 101 SUPERFUND (iv) a facility that is the subject of a unilateral administrative order, a court order, an administrative order on consent or judicial consent decree that has been issued to or entered into by the parties, or a ...


Superfund Green B USD SICAV 12/2011 previously: Superfund B USD SICAV SUPERFUND GREEN B USD SICAV ENDED THE MONTH OF DECEMBER WITH A PERFORMANCE OF ­7.99 % Superfund strategies posted disappointing results in December as macroeconomic factors continued to shake markets, resulting in another ...


W HAT I S S UPERFUND ? 1 Y EARS AGO , people did not understand how certain wastes might affect people's health and the environment. Many wastes were dumped on the ground, in rivers or left out in the open.

Community Involvement - Superfund

Solid Waste and Emergency Response (5204G) EPA 540-K-05-003 April 2005 www.epa.gov/superfund Errata/Revisions to Pre-Publication Versions Pre-publication versions of this document have been available in print since June 2001 and online since October 2001.

Superfund: In the Eye of the Storm

SUPERFUND: IN THE EYE OF THE STORM - 2 - Superfund: In the Eye of the Storm Authors: Stephen Lester, Anne Rabe Editorial Direction: Lois Gibbs, Stephen Lester and Anne Rabe Research Interns: Brenda Rios-Valdez, Emma Stone, Will Tucker, Seung Hea Hung Contributions: Thanks to Lin Nelson, Anne ...


COPY NO. OFFERING MEMORANDUM November 2010 SUPERFUND GREEN SPC A Cayman Islands Exempted Limited Liability Company registered as a Segregated Portfolio Company Superfund Green Segregated Portfolio C Private Placement of Class C (USD) Shares Minimum Initial Investment: US$ 100,000 Private ...


Superfund Superfund (and Superfund Site) WHAT IS CERCLA? · CERCLA stands for Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act.

Case Study One Love Canal Superfund Site, Niagara Falls, New ...

Draft SFAA Project Townsend March, 2001 Case Study One Love Canal Superfund Site, Niagara Falls, New York The Superfund program The federal Superfund program is a program is designed to clean up 1 the most serious hazardous waste sites in the United States.

Superfund: The High Cost of Environmental Alarmism

progress with scale economies. (Only pure scale economies can produce natural monopoly.) Further, in the realm of computer technology, the assumption of unlimited economies of scale may apply to the reproduction of software but not to other factors of production.


SUPERFUND COST-SHARING POLICY AND THE EFFICIENCY OF CLEANUP This memo presents a brief analysis of the relationship between Superfund cost-sharing policy and the efficiency of the cleanup program.