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Woody's Corner Greetings from the snow-covered Rocky Mountains! We at Enabling Technologies are embarking on a new era, with improved products and a major emphasis on factory direct customer service.

SuperLite Processing Sheet

Processing Sheet ® AZDEL SuperLite Thermoplastic Composites Processing Overview SuperLite forming process is characterized as "Thermo-stamping" or "Matched-mold Thermoforming".


2 S UPERLITE B LOCK An Oldcastle ® Company Superlite Block's Shapes and Sizes Directory aims to assist you in the design process. The various types of concrete masonry units available featured, as well as the Integra ® Wall System, Keystone ® Retaining Walls, and Belgard ® Pavers.

SuperLite C/P Premium Ceramic Glazing Solution

SuperLite C/P Premium Ceramic Glazing Solution Premium clear ceramic glazing *re rated to 20/45/60/90/120/180 minutes with hose stream. Used in transom and borrowed lite applications.

SuperLite® 17B Helmet Operations and Maintenance Manual

WARNING Diving with compressed breathing gas is a hazardous activity. Even if you do everything right there is always the danger that you may be killed or injured.

SuperLite®-27 Helmet

Unique System FZE P.O. Box 42213 Sharjah, U.A.E. Tel. No. (971) 6 5130333 Fax No. (971) 6 5130444 _____ SL-27 Helmet 1 of 3 SuperLite ®-27 Helmet The SuperLite ®- 27 is the product of years of research and testing.


Upon reaching the unload area they will usually be the ones to activate the quick-release via an extended release strap. 2226 S. JASON STREET, DENVER, CO 80223-4017 USA www.superlite.org Tel 1-866-936-0232 / 303-936-0232 Fax 303-936-1992 e-mail: enablingtech@gmail.com Retaining spring Push ski ...


Super lite ® SUPERLITE ASBESTOS FREE GP-150 Basis Application Gasket material based on organic fibre with NBR binder.. General purpose grade suitable for low pressure steam, water, oils, fuels and inert gases for low stress conditions.

Chapter 2 Description & Operational Specifications ...

SuperLite ® 17B 10 © Copyright 1970-2011 Kirby Morgan Dive Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Document # 111017004 2.2.2. Notified Body The Notified Body is DNV- MODULO UNO S.c.a.r.l. Address: Via Courgnè, n.21 10156 Torino Identification number: 2049. 2.3 Product Specifications Weight: 29.03 ...

Impact Safety-Rated and Fire-Rated Wired Glass Solution ...

C. 3/8” minimum glass bite 1/4" SuperLite I-W 20/45/60/90 min. in Rated Wood Door A. 5/8” stop height B. 1/4” glass thickness C. 3/8” minimum glass bite