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HRMN Job Specification Template

M ICHIGAN C IVIL S ERVICE C OMMISSION J OB S PECIFICATION FACILITIES SUPERVISOR JOB DESCRIPTION Employees in this job supervise or assist in supervising the operations of state occupied buildings, designated building complexes, armories, and associated equipment.

The Five Roles of a Supervisor

UHR - Employee Development 1 The Five Roles of a Supervisor If you are charged with managing others' performance, including conducting performance evaluations, you are considered to be a UVa supervisor.

Civil Supervisor (Mt Milligan) Mt Milligan Project. Thompson ...

Located 150km northwest of Prince George BC, Mount Milligan will be British Columbia's first major metal mine of this century. Construction began in mid-2010 with commercial production projected for the latter part of 2013.

State of California Supervisor's Handbook

Supervisor's Handbook June 2004 2 H. DRUG AND ALCOHOL TESTING..... 41 I. INFORMAL LEAVE OF ABSENCE (DOCK)..... 41 VI.

Continuing Temporary Approval for Supervisor of Special Education

Michigan Department of Education Office of Special Education & Early Intervention Services CONTINUING TEMPORARY APPROVAL FOR SUPERVISOR OF SPECIAL EDUCATION Policy & Criteria POLICY: 1.

Installation and Getting Started

Avaya CMS Supervisor Installation and Getting Started Release 16 Februray 2010

NC State University - Supervisor’s SafetySelf Assessment ...

Version 7 June 2011 1 NC State University Supervisor’s SafetySelf Assessment Checklist This checklist is a tool to aid the supervisor and his/her employees in identifying those activities and conditions that need attention to achieve and maintain a safe work environment.

Safety Supervisor Training

Safety Supervisor Training A 5-Minute Safety Training Aid HS00-011E (9-07) Safety training offers the opportunity to make a great impact on morale and productivity.

A Guide for Supervisors

Dealing with performance problems is a real challenge for any supervisor. Experienced supervisors often say it is one of the toughest parts of their jobs.


Last Updated: 3/2/2010 - 2 - New Employee Orientation Plan Employee: Start Date: Position: Unit: Supervisor: Done To Do List Contact At interview: Review organization and expectations for the position.