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Surah of al-H { amd (Praise), surah # 1

Surah of al-H { amd (Praise), surah # 1 Bismillah er-Rah } ma > n er-Rah } eem In the name of Alla>h, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Al-H { amd-o Lil-laahi Rab-bil 'A < lameen Praise is to Alla>h, the Lord (Cherisher and Sustainer) of the worlds Ar-Rah } ma > n er-Rah } eem The Most ...

Surah Al-Baqarah

Surah Al-Baqarah 2: 192 -195 485 Since the generality of the words 'kill them wherever you find them' might lead to the misconception that killing the disbelievers is allowed even in the precincts of Haram, this generality has been particularized in the next sentence of the verse by saying: And ...

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Surah Yasin has long been regarded as an extraordinary Surah to recite. It is a defense against evil forces, provides divine shield from the attacks of associates of Shait'an.

Study Material for Quran Study Junior Class

Surah Al-Asr 1. Wal Asr 2. Innal Insana Lafi Khusr 3. Illalladhina Amanu wa Aamilus Swalihati Watawa Sawbil Haqqi, Wtawa Sawbis Sabr Word meanings: 1.

Read Surah Yaseen

Read Surah Yaseen It is a 36th surah of the Holy Quran in order. Surah Yasin "The Muhammad (peace be upon him" was revealed in Mecca, Arabia on Muhammad (peace be upon him) the last Prophet and Messenger of God (Allah) Almighty .The surah has taken its title from verse 1.

Commentary on Surah al-Kahf (The Cave)

±È¸»A ÑiÌm jÎn°M:Ò¿f´¿ 'Allamah Tibirsi says: "It is Makkan. Ibn 'Abbas says: Except the verse: 'And withhold * ± * yourself with those who call on their Lord...' (verse 28) .

Tafsir of Suratul Fatihah

However in Surah Rum there is mention that from amongst the 'where's' are the heavens and the earth - in His saying, 'And His is all the praises and thanks in the heavens and the earth.' [Rum (30): 18] And in Surah Qasas there is mention that from amongst the 'when's' are in this world and in the ...

Surah al-Naba’ (78)

Surah al Surah al Surah al Surah al----Naba' (78) Naba' (78) Naba' (78) Naba' (78) 'The Announcement' ﺈﺒﻨﻟﺍ ﺓﺭﻮﺳ ﺈﺒﻨﻟﺍ ﺓﺭﻮﺳ ﺈﺒﻨﻟﺍ ﺓﺭﻮﺳ ﺈﺒﻨﻟﺍ ﺓﺭﻮﺳ This surah has been named al-Naba', and also c Amma, on account of the ...

Commentary on Quranic Chapter on prophet Yusuf (Joseph)

ÁÎYj»A ÅÀYj»A ɼ»A ÁnI ±mÌÍ ÑiÌm Surah Yusuf * * In, 'Allamah Tibrisi writes:. Majma' (Surah Yusuf) is a Makkan Surahal-Mu'addil said, on the * ± * * * authority of Ibn 'Abbas: "Except for four verses (which) descended in Medinah three from its * beginning and the fourth ...

Ahadiya Samadiya Dress of the Soul Tafsir Surah Ikhlas 2

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Al-Haqqani Make a Do nation Home Nur Muhamma Secrets of Light Muhammad Reality Secrets of Creation Secrets of The Throne Sufi Meditation Muraqabah Sufi Energy Practices, Muraqaba Divine Energy, Prophetic & Angelic Sufi Meditation Lataif of The Heart 5 Levels of The Heart 9 ...