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ORGANIZATION OF THE QUR'AN By M. Amir Ali Location of revelation and contents: Qur'an is organized with respect to the location of revelation of verses, whether in Makkah or Madinah.

Level 2 Quran

The key targets of this year are: a) excellent pronunciation of all letters, b) reciting as many words as possible in one breath, c) implementing Level 1 and 2 Tajweed rules. Level 2 – Quran, Tajweed & Surats

Darul-Ilm Syllabus Sheet For Boys

Surat-Alfatiha and seven surats from the end of Para -Amm 4. When you enter your home. Practical namaz and all its duas. 5. When you leave your home.

Prayers During Sickness Noorallah Juma, Ph.D.

Salmanspiritual.com September 2006 1 Prayers During Sickness . Noorallah Juma, Ph.D. First of all, if we become sick, it is most advisable to seek medical attention

Small Claims Suits

Small Claims Suits About the Small Claims Court General Information about Small Claims & the type of cases allowed: Small Claims Courts are courts in which citizens can settle small money disputes in a speedy, informal setting.

Tasheel-ul-Fiqh Part 3

10 Surats Tasheel-ud-Duaa 14 Surats Tasheel-ud-Duaa Practical Wudhu & Salaat 17 Surats Tasheel-ud-Duaa Practical Wudhu & Salaat 22 Surats


Grade: 4. Bi-weekly Lesson Plan. Week of: January 23- February 3, 2012 ; Teacher: Rubina Noor. 2011-2012. Subject. Reading. Reminder: Remember to do you invention project.

Surah Name Surah Name Meaning

Revealed in. Surah Number Surah Name Surah Name Meaning Revealed in Number of Ayahs Sajdah Ayah 1 Al-Fatiha - ةحتافلا ةروس The Opening Mecca 7--2 Al-Baqara - ةرقبلا ةروس The Cow Madina 286--3 Aal-e-Imran - نارمع لآ ةروس The family of Imran Madina 200--4 An-Nisa ...


grade 4 tracks surats tracks surats 1 adhan 20 al-baynah 2 al-fatiha 21 al-alaq 3 anass 22 at-tin 4 al-falaq 23 asharh 5 al-ikhlass 24 aduhaa 6 al-massad 25 al-layl 7 an-nasr 26 ashams 8 al-kafirun 27 al-balad 9 al-kawthar 28 al-fajr 10 al-maun 29 al-ghashiya 11 quraish 30 al-aala 12 al-feel 31 atarik 13 al-humaza 32 al-buruj 14 al-asr 33 al-inshiqaq 15 al-asr ...


In collaboration with the School I.T Department, the Primary Quran Department will open a link into the school website called " Quran easy for us " where students can improve their Quran reading and memorising skills. Parents will be provided with more details in due date. Grade 3 Tracks Surats Tracks ...