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Characteristics of Suspected Human Trafficking Incidents ...

April 2011 ncj 233732 U.S. Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs Bureau of Justice Statistics BJS Special Report F ederally funded human trafficking task forces opened


Suspected 1. DISEASE REPORTING A. Purpose of Reporting and Surveillance 1. To assist in the prevention of human cases of rabies. 2. To offer rabies post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) and provide counseling to those who were exposed to a rabid, or potentially rabid, animal or human.

Making Meaning out of Negative Experiences by Self-Distancing

http://cdp.sagepub.com/ Science Current Directions in Psychological http://cdp.sagepub.com/content/20/3/187 The online version of this article can be found at:

CDC H1N1 Flu | Interim Guidance for Emergency Medical ...

suspected case of swine-origin influenza if not already on. Personal protective equipment (PPE): Interim recommendations: • When treating a patient with a suspected case of swine-origin influenza as defined


idaho state department of education REvISION DATE: 6-2-2010 talkIng to a chIld aBout suspected aBuse 2 FOREwORD this Idaho professional standards commission booklet offers practical information for school employees who suspect child abuse and for school employees facing false accusation of abuse.

A Homeowner's Guide to Imprelis® Herbicide Injury in the ...

What Type of injury symptoms have been observed on landscape after Imprelis® applications? Although Imprelis® was registered for control of broadleaf weeds in turf, some homeowners and lawn care operators started observing injury on trees and some ornamentals in their landscapes this spring ...


1 Rev. 11/1/2010 TO REPORT SUSPECTED CHILD ABUSE, NEGLECT OR DEPENDENCY CALL 1-877-597-2331 24-HOUR HOTLINE KentuckyUnbridledSpirit.com An Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D


DETECTING AND REPORTING SUSPECTED UNAPPROVED PARTS 03/13/00 21-29B AVR-20 1 1. PURPOSE. This Advisory Circular (AC) provides updated information and guidance to the aviation community for detecting suspected unapproved parts (SUP) and reporting them to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

TB Skin Testing for Suspected TB

WISCONSIN DIVISION OF PUBLIC HEALTH Department of Health and Family Services POH 7134 12/98 TUBERCULIN SKIN TESTING TB Fact Sheet Series FOR SUSPECTED TB Tuberculin skin testing is important for patients with suspected but unconfirmed tuberculosis (TB).

1C 118 Suspected Colorectal Cancer Referral Form

issued by Merseyside & Cheshire Cancer Network – January 2007 SUSPECTED COLORECTAL CANCER – REFERRAL FORM To make an URGENT REFERRAL , Fax / E-mail to: