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There are three "states" to which this main noun stem refers as follows: refers to the 'Swahili Language'; Waswahili refers to the people of the 'Swahili Coast'; and Swahili refers to the 'Culture' of the Swahili People.

Mark It on the Map

1 SWAHILI Mark It on the Map Have students locate Africa on the maps on pages 4-5 and on a world map. Ask them to estimate what percentage of the African population speaks the Swahili language.


africa-phrasesswahili.indd. 144 Swahili. introduction - SWAHILI KISWAHILI - pronunciation introduction Swahili ( kiswahili kee·swa· hee ·lee) is one of the most widely spoken African languages, with an estimated 50 million-plus speakers throughout East Africa.


Swahili is now used throughout the region, in sett ings ranging from everyday communication to gove rnment and commerce. 6 Swahili Swahili - A Regional Language (contin-

Course Title: Swahili (Coastal Kenya) Culture, History ...

1 Course Title: Swahili (Coastal Kenya) Culture, History, Language and Coastal Peoples of Kenya Field School Course Number: 070: 496:01 Course Description East Africa enjoys an extraordinary degree of social and cultural diversity.

Swahili - High Expectations

1. Swahili . Art & Craft Terminology . Formation in Kiswahili . 2010 A Year Of High Expectations . For RISSEA Lamu Mombasa and Lamu Cultural . Festival Vol No. 001 April - June 2010

The ku-marker in Swahili

Contents Abbreviations 1. Introduction 2. Background: Bantu languages 2.1 The Bantu languages 2.2 Swahili grammar sketch 2.3 The Swahili language and culture 2.4 Data and theoretical framework 3.

Islam and the Development of Kiswahili

Swahili Contacts with Muslims The EastCoastof Africa has had old and long contacts with visitors from Middle East and Far East. For this reason, the Arabs and Swahili contacts along the East African Coast cannot be associated with the spread of Islam; however, the meeting of Swahili and Muslim Arabs ...


303 7. Swahili In this chapter I examine developments in Swahili from the perspective of my model. Swahili is a Bantu language from the Niger-Kordofanian language family.

The wealth of Africa The Swahili Coast

The wealth of Africa The Swahili Coast THE SWAHILI COAST Front cover image: Coin with rhyming inscription from Kilwa, British Museum 16th 15th 14th 13th 12th 11th 10th 9th Century AD c. 1320 - Kilwa takes over the strategically-located Mafia Island c. 1330 - Ibn Battuta visits.