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Sword Facts and Myths True or False

All Medieval swords weighed at least 12 pounds Medieval swords were not sharp All swords should balance within 2" of the guard Swords were made to cut through armor Viking swords were heavier than Medieval swords There is no such thing as the "perfect" sword A"good" sword should be able to bend ...


In 1801 brass mounted swords were specified for artillery and iron mounted for infantry. Mr. Arthur F. Nehrbass in a well written article (MAN AT ARMS magazine, ...

The British 1853 Cavalry Sword by Mark Cloke

The British 1853 Cavalry Sword by Mark Cloke The 1853 pattern was a change in direction for British swords in many respects.  It was the last general pattern sword that had the three bar hilt.

Sword Glossary

© 2005 Albion Armorers, Inc. albion-swords.com Sword Glossary Annellet -- The small loops extending toward the blade from the quillions intended to protect a finger wrapped over the guard.


Introduction swords & wizardry: white box is a fantasy roleplaying game. The rules are extremely short, compared to the multi-paged rule-libraries required to play most modern roleplaying games.


T HE J APANESE S WORD L AW & EXPORT / IMPORT OF SWORDS FROM / INTO JAPAN by C.U. Guido Schiller A PPLICATION O F T HE S WORD L AW AND R ELATED T OPICS In order to legally own a sword in Japan it has to be registered in accordance with the Ju-tô-hô 銃 刀法 (Japanese Firearms and Sword Law).

The Forging of a Japanese Katana

Any swords produced after 1945 to the present day are known as shinsakuto or "newly made swords." [4] An example of an excellent shinsakuto katana can be seen in Figure 8.

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SWORDS FROM TOLEDO Tlf: +34-925-35 31 55 ; Fax: +34-925-35 40 87 Ap. Correos, 424 45080 TOLEDO (SPAIN) http://www.swordsfromtoledo.com _____ _____ Página ...

Secrets of the Samurai Sword

While samurai swords are made of metal alloys (high- and low-carbon steels) the swords themselves are bimetallic, a condition in which the metals are bound together but not intermixed as they are in an alloy.

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