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District Court Denver Juvenile Court

JDF 1111 R4/10 SWORN FINANCIAL STATEMENT - FORM 35.2 Page 1 of 7  District Court  Denver Juvenile Court _____ County, Colorado Court Address: In re:  The Marriage of:  Parental Responsibilities concerning: _____ Petitioner: and Co ...

Sworn Statement - Sample

S A M P L E} § SWORN STATEMENT State of Michigan County of Wayne Albert M. Housebuilder , being duly sworn, states the following: Wonder Construction Company, Detroit, MI is the (contractor/sub-contractor) for an improvement to the following real ...

Sworn Statement for Traffic Crash Report Information

SWORN STATEMENT FOR TRAFFIC CRASH REPORT INFORMATION Motor vehicle crash information is confidential and exempt from disclosure for a period of 60 days after the date the crash report is filed.

Sex, Gender Display and Gender Identity of “Sworn Virgins ...

Predrag Šarčević Sex and Gender Identity of "Sworn Virgins" in the Balkans Travelers and researchers able to meet some of the Balkans' "sworn virgins" (females who dress and act as men) 1 left occasional but rich testimony of their persuasive masculine appearance and behavior.

Sample Sworn Statement

FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY - PRIVACY SENSITIVE Any misuse or unauthorized disclosure may result in both civil and criminal penalties. 1 Sample Sworn Statement 1.


Koning Contractors Library 1.800.571.4777 Hudson, FL © KCL 1997 SWORN STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT (This reply form can be used from any party to any party in the construction hierarch that sent a Request For Sworn Statement Of Account..)

§ CASE NO. § (Chapter 7)

IN THE UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT FOR THE SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF TEXAS HOUSTON DIVISION IN RE: § § § CASE NO. § (Chapter 7) § Debtor(s) § 341(a) MEETING QUESTIONNAIRE AND SWORN TESTIMONY The answers and information provided by the Debtor(s) in this document are a part of the Debtor(s ...


Form DFS-A4-2007, Effective 10-13-10, incorporated into Rule 69I-20.0022, F.A.C. NOTARIZED SWORN STATEMENT OF THE CLAIMANT Claim Number _____ After being duly sworn, the affiant states as follows:

State of California – Health and Human Services Agency

SWORN STATEMENT: • The authorized individual requesting the certified copy must sign the attached Sworn Statement, declaring under penalty of perjury that they are eligible to receive the certified copy of the birth record, ...