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i18 Early Permian pelycosaurs

519 LAURASIA i18 Early Permian pelycosaurs < primitive synapsids, equatorial > And we're a small segment in time; a transition from when we weren't to when we won't be.

Triassic Vertebrates of Gondwanan Aspect from the

Exceptions include several partial skulls and part ofaskeletonof eucynodont synapsids, an associated but disarticulated skeleton of a small reptile, and associated osteodermsand bones of an armored archo-saurian reptile.

Reptiles Geology 331 Paleontology

Review of Reptile Groups, all are Amniotes • Anapsids • Synapsids • Diapsids • Euryapsids

Tetrapod Diversity and Evolution

Tetrapods (24K) Amphibia (Lissamphibia) Amniota Sauropsida Synapsida Mammals Sailback synapsids† Monotremes Metatheria Theria Eutheria

Mammalogy Lecture 2 - Origin of Mammals

This provides a much more solid anchor for the lower jaw musculature. In synapsids the fenestra opens below the suture between the squamosal and postorbital bones.

Tetrapod phylogeny

Synapsid evolution Fig. 6 displays relationships among early synapsids [3, 8], whose included taxa have been reviewed recently in considerable detail [15].

A second varanopseid skull from the Upper Permian of South ...

Late Permianterrestrial faunas of South Africa and Russia are dominated taxonomi-callyand ecologically by therapsid synapsids. On the basis of a single specimen from the Upper Permian of South Africa, thevaranopseid Elliotsmithialongiceps is the sole basal synapsid ('pelycosaur') known from Gondwana.

GEOL 104 Dinosaurs: A Natural History Homework 5: Dinosaur ...

4) The values for the dinosaurian radiation are [ like basal synapsids | like mammals | intermediate ]. 5) The values for the pseudosuchian radiation are [ like basal synapsids | like mammals | intermediate ].

Life in the Mesozoic*

Mesozoic Extinctions* When (End of…) * Species Loss*** Major Loses to* Triassic* 80 ± 4%* Most synapsids* Cretaceous*76 ± 5%* Dinosaurs, marine reptiles, ammonites* Triassic Extinction led to Dominance of Dinosaurs* K/T Extinction*

Early amniotes

jaw of synapsids, and most early non-amniote tetrapods had three coronoids. Presence of a single pedal centrale. There are two centralia in the foot of synapsids and