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SYNAPTICS | Scrybe Version 1.5 Release Notes

SYNAPTICS | Scrybe Release Notes PN: 506-000247-01 Rev. C Copyright © 2010 Synaptics Incorporated. All Rights Reserved. 4 of 5 What if I want to go back to my old driver version?

SYNAPTICS Scrybe Release Notes

• When upgrading to Scrybe 1.6, if a user has custom gestures that use one of the retired symbols, the “Please Note” message described on Page 5 will appear.

The Principal 10 Best - Synaptics, Inc Story

31 31 synaptics inc. started their wellness program from scratch in 2008. and already, management says it has changed their culture. "our wellness program started as a grassroots effort in human resources, looking at services through our medical providers. it's grown to the point where our ...

Reference information for TouchPad system integrators

Copyright  2001 Synaptics, Inc. 510-000080 - A Page 1 Synaptics TouchPad Interfacing Guide 510-000080 - A Second Edition Created: 2.0 March 25, 1998 Revision: 2.5 January 18, 2000 Printed: January 22, 2001 1.

Using the Gateway M460

2 www.gateway.com Chapter 1: Getting Help Thank you for purchasing our notebook! You have made an excellent decision choosing Gateway. We are sure that you will be pleased with the outstanding quality, reliability, and performance of your new notebook.

Synaptic Transmission: Four Easy Steps (abridged)

Synaptic Transmission: Four Easy Steps (abridged) The nervous system is comprised of billions of specialized cells called neurons. Efficient communication between these cells is crucial to the normal functioning of the central and peripheral nervous systems.

Synaptics RMI Interfacing Guide

Synaptics RMI Interfacing Guide PN: 511-000099-01 Rev. E . 1. Introduction This document defines a register-oriented protocol for use in Synaptics ®

Magic Trackpad

2 Quick Start Your wireless Apple Magic Trackpad uses Bluetooth ® technology to connect to your Mac and comes with two AA batteries installed. Read these instructions to update your software, learn about the indicator light, pair and use your trackpad, and replace the batteries.


 IEEE Autotestcon 1 AN ANALYZER FOR DETECTING AGING FAULTS IN ELECTRONIC DEVICES Brent A. Sorensen - Gary Kelly - Artur Sajecki - Paul W. Sorensen Neural Engineering Research and Development Universal Synaptics Corporation 1801 West 21st Street Ogden, Utah 84401 Tel: (801) 731-8508 E-Mail ...

Synaptics TM~603Product Spec

TM~603, Input Device with Capacitive Buttons Under Plastic PN: 510-000501-01 Rev. 4 Pin Assignments and Definitions 1 2 3 4 5 6 VDD VLED I2C_CLK I2C_DATA ATTN GND Pin Definitions VDD Power Supply Voltage +3.3V VLED LED Power I2C_CLK I 2 C/MEP Clock (Output-Clock) I2C_DATA I 2 C/MEP DATA (Bi ...