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Syrinx. A syrinx, also called syringomyelia, is a fluid cavity that develops in the spinal cord. Many small syrinxes are seen on MRI scans and have no symptoms.

Cervical Syrinx as a Cause of Shoulder Pain in 2 Athletes

The orthopaedic surgeon can be the first specialist to diagnose a neurologic, 13 endocrine, 15,17,19 oncologic, 14 gynecologic,16or infectious disease 18 because of the musculoskeletal symptoms associated with nonorthopaedic conditions.

Chiari Type I Malformation: Overview ofDiagnosis and Treatment

The strain of giving birth may be one such factor. 10 This could also explain the predominance of female patients in Chiari I stud-ies. 2,6,12,13 SYRINX FORMATION Theories of syringohydromyelia development in Chiari I patients have centered around disruption of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) dynamics at ...

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Syrinx Consulting Corporation • 255 Bear Hill Road • Suite 201 • Waltham, MA 02451 Toll Free (888) 5-SYRINX • www.syrinx.com • info@syrinx.com Syrinx Announces Microsoft SharePoint and .NET 2010 Webinar Series Live Events Include Workflows, Dashboards, Content Management, and InfoPath ...

A case of syringomyelia associated with cervical spondylosis

Subsequent elongation of the syrinx may occur due to altered hydrostatic effects, such as a ‘‘one-way valve’’ process. Spinal spondylosis is an extremely common Address correspondence to: Dr Daniel Birchall.

Pictorial review MRI of chronic spinal cord injury

syrinx is, the more likely it is to be symptomatic. The prevalence of syrinx also increases with time [3]. Cord disruption This is complete absence of the spinal cord tissue at

Treatment of posttraumatic syringomyelia with extradural ...

The illustrated kyphosis and stenosis is shown to be improved, and the syrinx is shown as markedly reduced in size. Syrinx cavities may extend in either or both directions from the site of injury.


The progression of a syrinx on imaging studies, significant symptoms, or progression of symptoms, in the presence of the anatomical findings consistent with a Chiari malformation and/or syrinx constitute the indication constellation for surgery.


The syrinx is visualized at the C2/3-C3/4 levels by the increased signal intensity. The MRIwastakeninthe supine position with no head elevation. 452.e2 Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics Haasetal July/August 2005 Syringomyelia Case Report

Spinal Cord Hemangioblastoma with Extensive Syringomyelia

Moreover, by mass effect and syrinx formation, focal enlargement of the spinal cord adjacent to the neoplastic nodule might contrib ute to disrupted cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) flow and further extension of syrinx cavities associated with neoplastic nodules.