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Non-invasive genetic sampling and individual identification

P. TABERLET ANDG. LUIKART 42 INTRODUCTION Assessing the genetics of wild animal populations twenty or thirty years ago required relatively large amounts of fresh tissue (often from severaldi Verentorgans) for protein electrophoresis studies (Lewontin, 1991; Murphy et al. , 1996).

Universal primers for amplification of three non-coding ...

Plant Molecular Biology 17: 1105-1109, 1991. © 1991 Kluwer Academic Publishers. Printed in Belgium. Update section Short communication 1105 Universal primers for amplification of three non-coding regions of chloroplast DNA Pierre Taberlet, Ludovic Gielly, Guy Pautou and Jean Bouvet Laboratoire ...

Pierre Taberlet Lisette P. Waits

TREE vol. 13, no. 1 January 1998 27 N early a century ago, Joseph Grinnell founded a new natural history museum at the University of California, Berkeley.

From the Apennines to the Alps: colonization genetics of the

Lucchini and A. Santini have been researchers at INFS. P. Taberlet is head, and C. Miquel is technician, at the Laboratory d'Ecologie Alpine, Universitè Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, and have a number of projects on plant and animal population and conservation genetics.

The chloroplast PCR primer database

The chloroplast PCR primer database: tools for comprehensive phylogeographicanalysis of a whole genome The chloroplast PCR primer database

Phylogeography and conservation genetics of a giant lobelia

Pierre Taberlet is interested in intraspecific phylogeographies of plants and animals and is involved in development of new molecular techniques for population studies.

Universal markers for comparative mapping and phylogenetic ...

Ann Bot 87:503-515 Gielly L, Taberlet P (1994) The use of chloroplast DNA to resolve plant phylogenies - noncoding versus Rbc L sequences. Mol Biol Evol 11:769-777 Grant D, Cregan P, Shoemaker RC (2000) Genome organization in dicots: genome duplication in Arabidopsis and synteny between soybean and ...


Sex of bears was initially deter-mined using the SRY-ZFX/ZFY system as described in Woods et al. (1999) and Taberlet et al. (1993). In 1998, projects switched to the Amelogenin system to determine sex (Ennis and Gallagher 1994).

Universal primers for amplification and sequencing a ...

Several universal primers for amplifying noncoding spacers of the chloroplast genome have been reported (Taberlet et al., 1991; Demesure et al., 1995; Dumolin-Lapegue et al., 1997).


As another example, Taberlet and Bouvet (1994) concluded that the Romanian population belongs to the eastern population based on 2 samples that had eastern genotypes.