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Chemistry Reference Tables

NCDPI Reference Tables for Chemistry (October 2006 form A-v1) Page 6 SOLUBILITY RULES Soluble: • All Nitrates, Acetates, Ammonium, and Group 1 (IA) salts • All Chlorides, Bromides, and Iodides, except Silver, Lead, and Mercury(I) • All Fluorides except Group 2 (IIA), Lead(II), and Iron(III ...

tably growing crops on his diversi!

TO TAL IRR IGA TI ON FLEX IB ILIT Y NE W Z EALAN D GRO W ER S A V E S W A T ER WITH A CCU F LO W V R I I 2 Pivotal Moments Johnny Fraser considers water management one of the keys to pro!tably growing crops on his diversi!ed New Zealand farm.

Motor Club Statistics Continue to Receive Updates

Unfortunately, this analysis can lead to tough decisions that often require business contraction, but with the increased operating costs in our industry, parking a truck rather than running at a loss may be a good answer if you cannot run profi tably.

Metro Users Group Conference Reminder

This Conference provides the best networking and information gathering opportunity in the industry to keep your Goss equipment running effi ciently and profi tably.

Are You E˜ ectively Monetizing Your User Base?

The AdJuggler® Publisher Solution – now in its seventh version release – enables publishers to e˝ ciently and pro˛ tably grow adver tising revenue and advertising yield.

Indexx Printing thrives by delivering on a promise

With a bright future outlook, Indexx will continue to leverage the benefi ts Metrix offers to maintain not only its "Promise to Print," but its Promise to Print profi tably.

Kris Miller

Under his leadership, the gross commission volume in the brokerage and leasing operations has quadrupled, the square footage under management has tripled, and over $500 million of client and house equity has been profi tably invested in Southeastern real estate.

Global Water Management, LLC

The company is known for the progressive implementation of leading-edge systems that enable it to effi ciently provide the right water for the right use as well as meet county, state and federal water quality standards, plus save energy and operate profi tably.