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Report on High-Dollar Overpayments for the Quarter Ended 12 ...

111 ,65086 E nt ity Aurora Arapahoe 11 1)0/10 U. S. ar lm of f; du ulion High·I>Ollar O , · Otlobu I, 2010 10 I)t' tt mbtr 31,2 011) C ogni7,11nl Stalt Program R«onry Art ion(s) Taktn l Planntd Colorado I. oan Loan Scrviccr contacted and funds were Coosolidalion returned.


I >unng the List two j eais the most:ti tive construrtioi:~ since the building ot the Athenaeum and the Student House;) lids taktn pLu-r. The four large buildings -which were started within a few months of each other ha\e etfectkelj completed the west end of the campus.

Dean Creek Elk Viewing Area

Spruce Reach Island: House & Garden Umpqua Rhodookndron Plantln g1 """, Rhododendrons Azaleas 60· 70 60_70 JQ.'" ")0· 40,.. ". " 3S.4() • • " "·SO 1S·100 ", , " '"" ~,.., ", "" "" JQ " 3S-40 " SO·" '" JO TOIII 488· S88 l06·1Sl Rhododendron PI.nelnes,,, ' River on at r bl phOIOlraph taktn r.l<nS Pllnlin &, art.. dtKrlbtd In ...

Lafayette Economic Development Authority

Thai report is ;in imcgiiil puit of an audit performed in accordance with Government Auditing Standards and should be read in conjunction with this rcporl in considering I he results of our ii Our audits were conducted for the purpose ol; forming an opinion on the ha&ic financial stalcmculs taktn as a ...


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This purport is acaampllshad by the firat StnttnCt Of raid aub-mtctlon (4), which read81 'iftar the abwe allocations and paymanta have been made frcm such Clearance Fund, there rhsll. ba pald thare-srom fnto the old-Agt 4sslstanct Fund on tht rmt or each aonth, much sum, uhlch, taktn u:th other 8UmS paid into such old ...


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Telegraph Operator at Sandy Hook He WHS employed Ijy the Standard William de' la Motto, of Cutheriiu i "'' t(">'P«"y "» m> inspector of pumpb street, lied Bunk, was struck by an luui ne was taktn sitk wnill; at,work, automobile Saturday afternoon at j "r> WalteryX.

the Palm Beach County Unified Land Development

Appeals of any departmental administrative adions hereunder may be taktn to the Palm Beach County Board of Adjustment or as otherwise provided in the Unified Land Development Code (ULDC), as amended.

Pomocný motor k jízdnímu kolu Crab - T4

taktn Výkon 1 kW . Objem motoru 35 ccm . Max. otáčky motoru 9 000 1/min. Max. krotící moment 1,7 Nm / 4800