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Maxwell(R) 16 Total RNA Purification Kit

Part# TB351 Revised 11/08 Page 17 Label side Ridge side Lysis Buffer RNA Wash A Yellow Core Wash Solution RNA Wash B RNA Wash B RNA Wash B Sample Plunger Contents User Adds: MagneSil ® ...


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35.0A Single-Phase Bridge Rectifier

Symbols Description TB3505 TB351 TB352 TB354 TB356 TB358 TB3510 Unit VRRM 50 100 200 400 600 800 1000 V Max. recurrent peak reverse voltage

Alfi Trade Inc. 4831 W. Jefferson Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90016

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2012 Pricelist

2012 Pricelist ... $490. TB351

Thomson Bay - South 0 100 200 50

( Hotel Complex Fuel Jetty Army Jetty TB363 TB362 TB360 TB358 TB357 TB354 TB353 TB352 TB351 TB350 TB349 TB347 TB346 TB345 TB344 TB343 TB340 TB339 TB338 TB335 TB334 ...

ACDSee PDF Image.

TA371-32o TE3s1 so Tc261-2oo Tci71-2so Tc271-2so Tb351- TB361-12s TB361-16o Tc171-32o Tc271-32o rB371-2oo TB371-2so TBH371-16ó TBH371-2op

Bridge Rectifiers

400 1.1 @ 17.5 a 10.0 50 tb351 kbpc35-01 100 tb352 kbpc35-02 200 tb354 kbpc35-04 400 tb356 kbpc35-06 600 tb358 kbpc35-08 800 tb3510 kbpc35-10 1000 tb3505w kbpc35-005w 50

Competitive Change Over Belts and Kits Competitor Competitor ...

a e autoparts tb351 5079 a e autoparts tb352 5088 a e autoparts tb353 5234xs a e autoparts tb354 5235xs a e autoparts tb355 5170xs a e autoparts tb356 5254xs

Rectifier diodes threaded stud design Type Price/EUR

TB351-80 500-1400V TB351-100 500-1400V TB361-125 500-1400V TB361-160 500-1400V TB371-200 300-1400V TB371-250 300-1400V Fast thyristors Type Price/EUR