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A review of the Current Vietnamese Earthquake Design Code

Hence, the Ministry of Construction (MOC) has recently issued the new Vietnamese earthquake loading standard TCXDVN 375:2006. This paper will review seismicity of Vietnam and the new code TCXDVN 375:2006.

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DEIA report for Nhon Trach 2 Combined Cycle Power Plant project 1 PPMB - PVNT2 ! RDCPSE 11/2007 DEIA report for Nhon Trach 2 Combined Cycle Power Plant project

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Site testing method 20 TCN 88-82 27 Pile loading test method TCXDVN 269-2000 28 Pile testing according to P.D.A method ASTM D4945-89 29 Construction & inspection processes of pre-stressed concrete bridge girder 22 TCN 247-98 30 Elastic rubber bearing shoe.


Building construction projects mainly apply Specification for Design of structures for earthquake resistance TCXDVN 375-2006 (referred to EUROCODE 8).

to mitigate the structure’s response when subjected to ...

TCXDVN 375: 2006, Design of structures for earthquake resistance, Vietnam Ministry of Construction, 2006. [4] Meterials design of bridge structure in Vietnam [5] AASHTO.

The First East-Asia Symposium on Earthquake Engineering

... Members for Seismic Performance Bridge Design Prof. Hisanori Otsuka (Kyushu University, Japan) (5) Study of Earthquake Action of Cable-Stayed Bridge Prof. Tong Shen Jia (Xi'an University of Architecture & Technology, China) (6) Seismic Analysis according to the New Vietnamese Design Code TCXDVN 375:2006 ...

Overview on Tsunami Risk Evaluation and NPP Project in Vietnam

The Ministry of Construction (MOC) has recently issued the new VN EQ loading standard TCXDVN 375:2006. It has been found that the lack of historical data and lack of information on the local site soil conditions has created difficulties in using the code for design or assessment ...

International Hospital Project In Hochiminh City, Vietnam

- Based on TCXDVN 263 -2002 - Install cable and electrical cords for public works. - Based on "quality management rules for construction projects" according to the decision No 498/BXD - GN dated 18/09/1996 by Secretary of the Department of Construction.

Legal and institutional framework for solid waste management ...

Standards TCXDVN 320-2004 - Hazardous waste Landfill - Standard for designing. TCVN 7241-2003 - Health care solid waste incinerators - Determination method of dusts concentration in flue gas.


TCXDVN TIÊU CHUẨN XÂY DỰNG VIỆT NAM TCXDVN 46 : 2007 Biên soạn lần 1 CHỐNG SÉT CHO CÔNG TRÌNH XÂY DỰNG - HƯỚNG DẪN THIẾT KẾ, KIỂM TRA VÀ BẢO TRÌ HỆ THỐNG Protection of Structures Against Lightning - Guide for design, inspection and maintenance Hà Nội ...