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Tbilisi, January 31, 2008

JSC Galt & Taggart Capital Announces The Acquisition Of A 19.96% Equity Interest In JSC Telavi Wine Cellar Galt & Taggart Capital (GSE: GTC), the merchant banking arm of Bank of Georgia (LSE: BGEO, GSE: GEB), announced today the acquisition of a 19.96% equity interest in JSC Telavi Wine Cellar ("TWC").


Archil Gegenava stated: "2 week ago, at the meeting with the public, we have been asked for assistance in this matter; we worked with the Transport service and managed to clear a new route in approximately 10 days…" ;  In the period of 1 to 11 April, GYLA pre-election monitoring in Telavi observed ...

Tel Aviv Map

Tel Aviv Map Instructions: Use this interactive Tel Aviv map (on the next page) to find out more about point of interests in Tel Aviv. If you are connected to the internet you can click on the red boxes around each place and it will connect you to a short article about this Tel Aviv attraction.

Georgian Students Switch to Russian Schools to Gain Time

Tibilisi has 25 Populi stores, and there are fi ve more: in Kutaisi, Sighnaghi, Gori, Telavi and Rustavi. According to Mikautadze, Populi's market share in the grocery business in Tbilisi is 7 percent.


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inteleqtis saxelmZRvaneloebi iyideba Semdeg misamarTebze:

Temur jaSiaSvili Telavi centraluri bazroba 899 20-63-46 Temur jaSiaSvili 32. indmewarme `levan fifia~ zugdidi rusTavelis 96 899-10-91-45 levan fifia 33. indmewarme `iura yanCaveli~ qareli stalinis 55 3-15-04 iura yanCaveli 34.

Wine List

Red, SeMi-SWeeT WhiTe, dRy 750 ml. KhvanchKara 39.90 Telavi Wine-Cellar KhvanchKara 39.90 Mildiani Kindzmarauli 29.90 Telavi Wine-Cellar Kindzmarauli 29.90 Mildiani Kindzmarauli 29.90 Teliani Valley Kindzmarauli 29.90 Tbilvino alazani valley 18.90 Telavi Wine-Cellar 180 /750 ml. Kondoli 24.90 Telavi Wine-Cellar teli 21.50 ...

InsideIRIS Georgia

July 15, 2004. Issue 15 InsideIRIS Georgia For more information about IRIS Georgia activities, please contact us at: 7 Radiani Street Tbilisi 0179, Georgia Tel/Fax: (995 32) 913378, 913379, 224020 E-mail: office@iris.ge Web: www.iris.ge In this issue: Presentation in Telavi 1 Trip to Regional ...

Ministry of Economic Development of Georgia

23 Ministry of Economic Development of Georgia October, 2008 Civil Aviation •Legislation:-Open Sky Policy;-New liberal agreements. •Infrastructure:-Two International Airports (Tbilisi, Batumi);-Planed Regional Airports (Kopitnari, Telavi& etc.)