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What is Telepresence

What is Telepresence? By Steve McNelley, PH.D., and Jeff Machtig, DVE founders Digital Video Enterprises (949) 347-9166 (949) 347-9167 FAX www.DVEtelepresence.com Introduction Psychology dictates that there are certain key elements that allow for effective communication and interaction between ...

Cisco TelePresence Movi Administrator Guide (4.2)

Introduction Movi Administrator Guide (4.2) Page 5of32 Introduction This guide provides comprehensive information on Cisco TelePresence Movi, its capabilities and functions.

Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Installation and Getting ...

Cisco TelePresence Management Suite Installation and Getting Started Guide D14389.08 September 2011 Software version 13.1

Release Notes for Polycom Telepresence m100, Version 1.0

August 2011 3725-82803-002/A 1 Release Notes Polycom® Telepresence m100, Version 1.0 Polycom is pleased to announce the release of Polycom® Telepresence m100, Version 1.0.

Polycom Telepresence m100

iii Table of Contents Getting Started with Polycom Telepresence m100 ..... 1 Welcome to Polycom Telepresence m100 ...

Configuring Secure HTTPS between Cisco TelePresence products ...

Contents Implementing Secure Management Page 2 of 82 Contents Contents ..... 2 * Introduction ...

Polycom® Telepresence m100

Polycom ® Telepresence m100 Premier Visual Communications. Benefits. Premier-Quality Audio, Video, and Content – Crisp high resolution video with H.264 HD video, high fidelity

Telepresence: Almost as Good as Being There

TELEPRESENCE: ALMOST AS GOOD AS BEING THERE 3 Executive Summary Cognizant began as a global company in 1994 and has exper ienced industry-leading growth in the global services marketp lace ever since.

Q: FAQ Template

Polycom Customer FAQ 1 The standards-based Telepresence m100 raises the bar on mobile video communications. By allowing users to easily connect between desktop and mobile devices to millions of telepresence video conferencing systems in use today, the Telepresence m100 also drives broad adoption.

Telepresence vs Videoconferencing

Telepresence vs. Videoconferencing Resolving the Cost/Benefit Conundrum Data from multiple users of telepresence and videoconferencing systems leads us to believe that the actual cost per hour for these two types of systems may not be all that different.