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TELES Offices

TELES Offices HEADQUARTERS, Germany, Berlin Ernst-Reuter-Platz 8 10587 Berlin Germany Phone: +49 30 399 28 - 066 Fax: +49 30 399 28 - 051 E-Mail: sales@teles.com Web: www.teles.com EMEA, Austria, Vienna Altmannsdorfer Straße 76 A-1120 Wien Austria Phone: +43 1 80133 4300 Fax: +43 1 80133 4399 E ...

Mobile gateway for 2G, 3G, and CDMA

Find out more: www.teles.com TELES AG | HEADquArTErS Ernst-Reuter-Platz 8 10587 Berlin GERMANY Phone + 49 30 399 28 - 066 Fax + 49 30 399 28 - 051 E-mail sales @ teles.com Technical data subject to change without notice.


STATICSTICS & CDRs ALARM HANDLING SPECIAL FUNCTIONS IP SECURITY vGATE Desktop: Username and password Telnet, FTP: Username and password Firewall: IP, UDP, and TCP filter OPTIONS FOR TELES.vGATE TELES.NMS Network Management System TELES.iMNP Mobile Number Portability Database OPERATOR ...

TELES TALK Box - Taking Interoperability Further

TALK Box Transmission alternatives link kit Complete Interoperability Solution Radios Legacy Phone Lines (PRI and Analog) VoIP Cellular IP Data Automatic Multi-Route Survivability Priced for Local Budgets Easily Deployable Expandable and Upgradeable TELES TALK Box - Taking Interoperability ...


IP SECURITY Firewall IP, MAC, UDP, and TCP filter Telnet, FTP, HTTP Username and password Remote access Username and password ROUTING QoS alternative routing: Quality criteria for disabling mobile ports or changing SIMs: Quality criteria for disabling VoIP peer for a defined amount of time ...

TELES iGATE FCT User’s Manual

TELES iGATE FCT User's Guide 2 Previous Page Table of Contents Next Page Contact Information TELES AG Headquarters Ernst-Reuter-Platz 8 Berlin, Germany 10587 +49 30 399 28-00 +49 30 399 28-01 Email: sales@teles.com Web: www.teles.com/tcs Trademarks and Document Information TELES AG ...


Integrated gateway for GSM or CDMA Integrated VoIP gateway Integrated IP router via GPRS or CDMA LCR engine for best rate from wireless and VoIP Easy installation & remote management Analog support (4 FXS) Built-in SIM-card server support Converts mobile-to-mobile fixed-to-mobile into TELES.


8 channel VoIP gateway (4 FXS + 4 FXO) Maintains PSTN features & quality while using IP networks LCR engine for best rate from VoIP and PSTN Dynamic PSTN fallback and traffic shaping Seamless integration into existing telecom infrastructures Easy installation & maintenance FX TELES.


ROUTING (cont'd) QoS alternative routing: REQUIRED BANDWIDTH SUPPLEMENTARY SERVICES ISDN to ISDN transparent ISDN to SIP, RFC 3398 SIP to ISDN RFC 3578, overlap sending/receiving ISDN to H.323, CLIP, CLIR, COLP, COLR H.323 to ISDN To ISDN AOC-D, AOC-E DTMF INBAND HANDLING ISDN to ISDN ...

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