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Executive Management Biographies

September 2010 Dan Castles - President & CEO A Telestream co-founder, Dan has over 25 years of TV industry executive experience. Under his leadership, Telestream has become the recognized worldwide leader in enterprise-class video transcoding and workflow solutions, addressing the numerous video ...


Introduction © 2006 Telestream, Inc. Page 2 Introduction FlipFactory users can configure Destinations in their factory workflows to deliver media to SeaChange Broadcast Media Servers (BMS) and Broadcast Media Clusters (BMC).

Telestream™ User Guide Voyager Fleet Systems

Telestream™ Voyager Fleet Systems User Guide Raffel Systems Software Development & Consulting Company Voyager Telestream Support: (832) 486 -1078


Telestream™ Voyager Fleet Systems GASBoy™ Long Version Export - Conversion Utility Raffel Systems Software Development & Consulting Company

Pipeline User's Guide

Preface ii August, 2009 Pipeline Web Site - FAQs, Forums & Upgrades Web Site. http://www.telestream.net/telestream-support/pipeline/support.htm Returning Inoperative Pipelines (RMA) If your Pipeline is inoperative, contact Telestream at the Pipeline support email address provided below, or ...

Modular Workflow Solutions for Content Distribution and Ingest

The solution The client had previously turned to Floripa Integration and Telestream for a solution that monitors and ingests commercials from major catch server providers.

Avid Workflows for Long GOP MPEG-2 Media

Avid workflows with Avid Transfer Manager or Interplay Transfer and Anystream (Grab Networks), Rhozet, and Telestream Avid sites utilizing Unity ISIS, Unity MediaNetwork or Unity Lanshare in a Media Manager or Avid Interplay environment can implement a Long GOP MPEG-2 file import through the established ...

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StorNext and FlipFactory combine to enable high speed shared access to a common data store of digital assets for faster editing, transcoding, and distribution. www.quantum.com info@quantum.com Phone: 866.827.1500 www.telestream.net info@telestream. net Phone: 530.470.1300 QUANTUM'S STORNEXT AND TELESTREAM ...

www.telestream.net A better way to capture SD & HD video from ...

www.telestream.net A better way to capture SD & HD video from tape or live sources Telestream Pipeline™ is a network-based video capture and playout

Video Delivery System

Telestream's digital media delivery systems are revolutionizing the way video communicators and content creators deliver video. No need to worry about tape duplication, shipping deadlines, or tape formats.