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JERSEY TEMPERED GLASS, INC. TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE All sales are expressly limited to and made conditional upon the exact terms and conditions herein.


Jersey Tempered Glass, Inc. 2035 Briggs RD. Mt. Laurel, NJ. 08054 Phone 856-273-8700 Fax 856-273-1999 CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE Products covered by this certificate : all heat treated glass.

Tempered Mirror Concerns

Virginia Glass Products Corporation • 347 Old Sand Road • P. O. Box 5431 • Martinsville, VA 24115 • (800) 368-3011 • Fax (276) 956-3020 • www.va-glass.com Virginia Mirror Company, Inc. • 300 S. Moss Street • P. O. Box 5431 • Martinsville, VA 24115 • (800) 826-4776 • Fax ...


_____Vitro America • 501 E. Govan Street • Grenada, Mississippi 38901 • 662-226-5551 www.vitroamerica.com TEMPERED MIRROR Vitro America manufactures fully tempered mirror made from Q3 Glazing Select tempered float glass in accordance with ASTM C1048-04 (Standard Specification for Heat ...

The following slides describe the glass making process, and ...

4) The tempered glass continues down the rollers to cool more and be packed for shipping. Glass to be tempered must be cut to size before the tempering step.

Insulating Glass Nominal Thickness and Glass Components

Page 1 of 3 Revised 11-17-06 Tempered Glass Product Data Sheet Tempered Glass Product Data Sheet A A nnealed float glass can be cut to a desired finished size and tempered to provide a glass product with greater resistance to thermal, mechanical or impact loads or to break in a manner that ...

Adding a Door? Check Nearby Windows

2006 IRC Code - Selected Tempered Glass Requirements . Glazing in nearby existing windows and doors (i.e. windows and doors installed when the house

WTL Amadeus Manual

the Well Tempered Lab and its agents can bear no responsibility for spillage or damage caused by incorrect handling and packaging of the fluids.


THE SPREAD OF SHELL-TEMPERED CERAMICS ALONG THE NORTHERN COAST OF THE GULF OF MEXICO Richard A. Weinsteinand Ashley A. Dumas Shell-tempered ceramics appeared at different times in various places along the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

PILKINGTON Pilkington Architectural Memo

Normally the plates in a façade are designed with a portrait style orientation and the horizontal dimension accommodated ( Pilkington Architectural can temper plates size 96" x 189") The horizontal module in most facades has a dimension less than 96" and therefore the plate can be tempered with this ...