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Anal.}% \ \textbf{134} (1995), 33--99. M.R. 96h:81033 [W\l adys\l aw Adam Majewski]. \newline http://arXiv.org/abs/fun Self (with R.F. Werner) Coherent states of the $q$-canonical commutation relations, \textit{Comm.\ Math.\

List of Algorithms

The default denitionsofthese macros are: \newcommand{\algor it hmicrequire}{\textbf{Require: }} \newcommand{\algor it hmicensure}{\textbf{Ensure: }} \newcommand{\algor it hmicend}{\textbf{end}} \newcommand{\algor it hmicif}{\textbf{if}} 7

Displaying Matrices

... Begin LaTeX code-----% {\begin{table}[htbp]\centering \caption{Estimation results: regress \label{tabresultregress}} \begin{tabular}{lcc}\hline\hline \multicolumn{1}{c} {\textbf{Variable}} &{\textbf{Coefficient}}&\textbf{(Std. Err.)}\\\hline math&0.397& (0.066)\\ female&5.443& (0.935)\\ read&0.325& (0.061 ...

The bpchempackage

The default style is: \textbf{\arabic{\counter}} To change, use something like \renewcommand{\theBPCno}{\textbf{\arabic{BPCno}}} Example: Alkohol\CNlabel{al}is converted toaldehyd\CNlabel{ad}.

Derivatives, Limits, Sums and Integrals

A simple calculation using the Schr\"{o}dinger wave equation shows that \[ \frac{d}{dt} \int \!\!\! \int \!\!\! \int_{\textbf{R}^3} \left| \psi(\mathbf{r}, t) \right|^2\,dx\,dy\,dz = 0,\] and hence \[ \int \!\!\! \int \!\!\! \int_{\textbf{R}^3} \left| \psi(\mathbf{r}, t) \right|^2\,dx\,dy\,dz = 1 ...

Typesetting with TeX / LaTeX- Part II

General Lists Example Code \begin{list}{}{\setlength{\leftmargin}{8cm} \setlength{\labelwidth}{8cm} \setlength{\labelsep}{0cm} \setlength{\parsep}{8ptplus 1 ptminus 0pt} \setlength{\itemsep}{15ptplus 1 ptminus 0pt} \setlength{\topsep}{10ptplus 1ptminus 0pt}} \item[\textsc{\textbf{Education}}\hfill] Ph.D ...

List of Tables

Table 1wasproduced by code similar to the following: \topcaption{The principalxtab package commands}\label{tab:xtab} \tablefirsthead{\hline\multicolumn{1}{|c|}{\textbf{Command}}& \multicolumn{1}{c|}{\textbf{Effect}}\\\hline} \tablehead{\multicolumn{2}{c}% {{\captionsize\bfseries\tablename\\thetable{}-- ...

LaTeX: an Introduction

The \textbf command indicates that the text enclosed in parentheses is bold. The \textit command indicates that the text enclosed in parentheses

A Local Guide for Using T

6 Input File \documentclass[10pt]{article} \begin{document} \begin{quote} \textbf{Problem: }Show that, if $n$isapositive integer, then \[\sum_{i=1}^{n}i^2=\frac{n(n+1)(2n+1)}{6}\] \end{quote} \textbf{Proof:}Theproofwillbeby induction.

The xtab package

\tablefirsthead{\hline \multicolumn{1}{|c|}{\textbf{Command}} & \multicolumn{1}{c|}{\textbf{Effect}} \\ \hline } \tablehead{\multicolumn{2}{c}% {{\captionsize\bfseries \tablename\ \thetable{} -