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The National Enquirer Crossword Puzzle

crossword puzzle

crossword puzzle ACROSS 2. Special section in The Enquirer on Fridays only 7. What icon do you click to email an article to someone via the internet 11.

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"National Enquirer'' fodder 3 4. ... salesdirector@amuniversal.com or 800.255.6734 Crucigramas diarios por Angel Freire A traditional crossword puzzle in Spanish.

Roland Who?

... give an interview h) create a crossword puzzle to accompany a fact sheet i) ... and another news release for a tabloid such as the National Enquirer or Star.

Title (Issues) Price Price

... 11 dell official variety puzzle(6) 15 freeskier(6) 7 alfred hitchcock's mystery(12) ... 28 dell's best easy fast n fun crossword(9) 13 fur fish & game(12) 22 allure(12) 7 car and driver(12) 8 details ... national enquirer(52) 104 snowboarder(7) 11 writers digest(8) 21

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... National Enquirer (51) WOMENS WEEKLIES - TRADITIONAL Take A Break (2) Chat (8) ... Take A Crossword (121) Take A Puzzle (126) The Puzzler (140) Puzzle Selection (143) GENERAL INTEREST Ad Trader ...