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A stem grows. Some leaves grow. A seed is planted in the ground. Then a pretty flower grows! It rains. The seed begins to grow. ©The Education Center, Inc. • www.themailboxcompanion.com • April/May 2005

Coded Words Decoded Words

Ace Speller. ©The Mailbox ® • www.themailboxcompanion.com • Feb./Mar. 2010 Ace Speller Coded Words Decoded Words 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Fill in the chart with different letters to create a code.

Classroom Times

Classroom Times Teacher: Date: Look What We're Studying... Help Wanted Reminder Superstars ©The Mailbox www.themailboxcompanion.com April/May 2007 S. Whitewood / S. Foster May 24, 2010 We will continue with our Under the Sea unit this week.

Little Red Hen

Little Red Hen Lesson Plan Sequence by Sharron L. McElmeel Lesson plan sequence developed by Sharron L. McElmeel © 2006 Permission is granted to reproduce for individual personal use.

Collect the Clues!

Collect the Clues! Collect the Clues! Collect the Clues! ©The Mailbox ©The Mailbox ©The Mailbox ©The Mailbox www.themailboxcompanion.com August/September 2007

Parents Night Out 2010!!!!!

©The Mailbox • www.themailboxcompanion.com • April/May 2009 Parents Night Out 2010!!!!! 2009 was the first year we have done a Parents Night Out!

Where's That Scarecrow?

... Inc. • www.themailboxcompanion.com. Materials Needed For Each Student —a white construction-paper copy of the reproducible —a pencil —crayons —scissors —glue —a drinking straw or two wooden craft sticks —a tablespoon of clay —scraps of yellow construction paper ...

Symbol Meaning Example

Editing*symbols*are*used*to*show*what*changes*a*writer*wants*to*make*in*his*or*her*writing. ©The*Mailbox*•* www.themailboxcompanion.com ...

100 Ways to Celebrate

I can clap 100 times. 1 I can snap 100 times. 2 I can tap 100 times. 3 4 ©The Mailbox ® • www.themailboxcompanion.com • Dec./Jan. 2009-10 How To Use The Reproducible by La urann I can flap 100 times.


Mailbox Companion . www.themailboxcompanion.com Fun recipes are available every week. The Mailbox Companion is a pay subscription newsletter with a range of materials that can be downloaded, including a recipe each week.