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Contact: Lisa Gonzales, Atomic PR 415-402-0230 lisa@atomicpr.com The Point Raises $4.8 Million in Funding CHICAGO, JANUARY 29, 2008 - The Point (www.thepoint.com), a group action network for solving problems which require a critical mass of participation to succeed, announced it has received $4 ...

Essentials of Pediatric Nursing

The key terms may also be accessed on thePoint. Learning Objectives The provision of learning objectives for each chapter helps to guide the student toward prioritizing information for learning.

The Point Unveils New Social Platform for Organizing Group Action

600 West Chicago Avenue, Suite 850 Chicago, IL 60610 Phone (312) 676-5773 Fax (312) 676-2728 www.thepoint.com The Point Unveils New Social Platform for Organizing Group Action Site Leverages the Power of the Web to Empower People November 12, 2007 - NEW YORK - The Point (www.thepoint.com), a ...

Preface to the Instructor

... prefixes, suffixes, and combining forms) listed both from term component to English definition and from English definition to term component * a glossary of medical abbreviations and symbols * commonly prescribed drugs, including therapeutic classifications INSTRUCTOR RESOURCE CENTER AT thePOINT Visit at http ...

What is Prep-U

Need help? Contact us at techsupport@bfwpub.com or 1-800-936-6899. 4 Getting Started Getting started with Prep-U is as easy as getting access (either through a printed access card or by purchasing a subscription online), logging in, and taking quizzes.

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CS107L Handout 01 Autumn 2007 September 28, 2007 Constructors and Destructors point class Let’s start with a simple, object - oriented model of a point in two - dimensional space: class point { public: point(double x, double y); double getX() const { return x ...

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Lippincott Williams & Wilkins News 17 1st Quarter 2007 A brand-new companion Website on thePoint includes fully searchable text, interactive case studies, images, audio lectures, and teaching tools.


INSTRUCTOR'S GUIDE FOR TRAINING PHLEBOTOMISTS A Document That Expands Upon the Technical Committee Report for the Phlebotomist and Provides Teaching

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Use it to log on to http://thePoint. lww.com/NASMCES—the companion website for this textbook. On the website, you can access various supplemental materials available to help enhance and further your learning.