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65I00-2 RC-2000 Installation Manual

2 2 Location When replacing an existing thermostat, install the RC-2000 in the same location. If the existing location doesn't meet the following criteria, choose a new location to mount the RC-2000.

Thermostatic Wiring Principles

Thermostatic Wiring Principles by Bob Scaringe Ph.D., P.E. Basic Thermostat Types Many technicians have great difficulty understanding how to properly wire a thermostat or how to replace a thermostat with a different thermostat.

Wahler - Solutions in Partnership.

Temperature-dependant coolant control Made by Wahler. Development of the combustion engine received an important boost in 1928: the use of a thermostat allowed a higher level of reliability, durability and performance to be achieved.

Temperature Control from Lutron ®

TouchPRO Wireless ™ thermostat An all-in-one solution that combines the trusted Honeywell brand with Lutron innovation. It looks like a conventional thermostat, is easy to install and program, and is a simple way to add temperature control to a Lutron ® total home control system.


2 Congratulations! Your new Climate Technology thermostat will provide years of reliable service. By saving energy, your thermostat will pay for itself during its first season of use.

To apply for your $25 rebate, please carefully read the ...

... Address of Installation (if different from above): Programmable Thermostat Information: Date Placed in Service: Manufacturer/Brand Name: Model #: ...

Microstat manual Rev b

Operating Instructions Micro stat Smart Temp Thermostats TM AUTO MAN 2: 35 P M Tu 22. 5 c 1 2 3 4 Smart Temp Micro stat Congratulations on the purchase of your new Electronic Thermostat!


*2009 Lennox Industries Inc. Dallas, Texas, USA INSTALLER'S SYSTEM SETUP GUIDE icomfort Thermostat Touch Screen Programmable Communicating Thermostat CONTROLS 506052−01 11/09 Shipping and Packing List1 1 −icomfort* Touch Screen Communicating, 7−day Programmable Thermostat 6 − Mounting ...

Programmable Thermostat Homeowner's Guide

Smart, Simple Comfort Control. Congratulations! As the owner of a new Bryant thermostat, you have made a commitment to the very best in home comfort.

Pre Installation

WATLOW IND. Thermostat Control Installation & Maintenance Manual I&M NUMBER 316-42-4-1 Page:1 Date: 6/11/2008 Rev:4.00 ...