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Accurate, Reliable, Superior Sensitivity and Control Engineered to be more sensitive and accurate than conventional thermostats, APCOM water heater thermostats are the most popular in the industry.

Programmable Thermostat

This wire provides electricity to non-battery powered thermostats. Mount Wallplate and Thermostat ■Remove the wallplate from your thermostat by pressing the release tab on the bottom of the thermostat.

Thermostats... loaded with features, designed for value!

SEALED UNIT PARTS CO., INC. PO Box 21, 2230 Landmark Place, Allenwood, NJ USA 732-223-6644 • Fax 732-223-1617 www.supco.com • info@supco.com Thermostats... loaded with features, designed for value!

Programmable Thermostat Models 44668 & 44660

Remove Old Thermostat TYPICAL HOME THERMOSTATS Figure * ■ Slotted Screwdriver(s) ■ Electric drill and */*6" bit ■ Phillips Screwdriver ■ Two *.5 V (AA) size alkaline batteries ■ Hammer

IMERC Fact Sheet Mercury Use in Thermostats

1 IMERC Fact Sheet Mercury Use in Thermostats Latest Update: January 2010 "Mercury Use in Thermostats" summarizes the use of mercury in thermostats found in residences, businesses, and industrial settings, including thermostats sold as stand-alone units and as components within heating and ...

Automatic and Programmable Thermostats

house will warm up faster if the thermostat is raised higher. Furnaces put out the same amount of heat no matter how high the thermostat is set — the variable is how long it must stay on to reach the set temperature.

Debonair™ Thermostats

From the world's largest manufacturer of HVAC solutions comes a line of feature rich commercial thermostats called Debonair TM. Because these thermostats bear the Carrier name, you know they integrate the latest comfort technologies, such as a wireless remote and light activation.

General Information (pre sales)

General Information (pre sales) Do programmable thermostats really save energy? Yes, programmable thermostats can save energy which in turn saves you money on your utility bill.

UPM Programmable Thermostat Proposal Comments

Inclusion of Mechanical Thermostats •*UPM recommends that mechanical thermostats of any variety be excluded from this program. We believe that this program should be primarily focused around programmable electronic thermostats (millivolt and line voltage).

ENERGY STAR® Proposal for Programmable Thermostats

Page 1 ENERGY STAR for Programmable Thermostats Definitions Summary of Research Findings From the Programmable Thermostat Market EPA has gathered market and demographic information from market resources, manufacturers, utilities, and other industry groups to analyze market research data and to ...