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Flight Ion and Hall Thrusters

429 Chapter 9 Flight Ion and Hall Thrusters 9.1 Introduction Ion and Hall thruster technology development programs continue to improve the performance of these engines.


Complete hydraulic thruster system Bow thruster Stainless tank with pre-fitted components Load sense hydraulic pump Stern thruster Safe and easy manoeuvring with a Sidepower bow thruster Total control with Sidepower bow and stern thrusters HYDRAULIC thruster systems 3

Performance Characteristics of a 5 kW Laboratory Hall Thruster

2 With its 6 m X 9 m Large Vacuum Test Facility (LVTF), the University of Michigan is uniquely qualified among American universities to study a large, high power Hall thruster.

Bow Thruster tunnel and motor

Daniel Robson T/V KINGS POINTER Revised: 5/15/01 Chief Engineer Bow Thruster Tunnel and Motor Page: 1 HARBOR-MASTER TUNNEL BOW THRUSTER GENERAL INFORMATION A Model BT-550 Harbor-Master Tunnel Thruster is mounted in an athwartship tunnel so it can thrust the bow of the ship either port or ...

In-Line Bow&Stern Thrusters

Advanced Thruster Controls Naiad thruster controls are housed in a single, durable electronic enclosure for ease of installation. The system is easily fitted with numerous joystick control locations for convenient thruster operation.


Maintaining this reputation has led to expanding production in various fields, including the development of the Side Thruster. The Side Thruster is installed at either the bow or stern side of a ship and plays an important role in controlling the ship's sideways movement.


SIDE-POWER THRUSTER SYSTEMS CONFIDENCE BY CONTROL THRUSTER sizing By definition, any thruster will to some extent do a job in any boat. The key is to ensure that the chosen thruster will do the job you want it to in your boat.

Subject: Bow Thruster Study

MEMORANDUM Vessel: Alaska Class Ferry Engineer: RDD Reference: 06137.06-05M Date: 12/06/10 Subject: Bow Thruster Study PURPOSE The purpose of this memorandum is to present the results of a study of three different options available for an omni-directional bow thruster configuration for the ...

Qualification Test Methods for Satellite ACS Thrusters

"Further Improvements and Qualification Status of Astrium's 1 ON Bipropellant Thruster Family", AIAA2003-4776, 3gth AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference, July 2003 Coste, K., "Qualification of the ARC 5-lbf Bipropellant Thruster For Deep Pressure Blow-Down Operation", AlAA 2001 -3988, ,37th AIAA ...

Thruster Installation Manual - ARCTURUSMMAARRIINNEE

American Bow Thruster Standard Installation and Operating Instructions Version 6.99.1 Hydraulic TRAC Table of Contents Graphics, Pictures, Diagrams and Tables I Section 1 - Before Starting Installation: 1-1