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Tiedowns -Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Rule ...

Determining the aggregate working load limits for tiedowns. Agency Policy: The

Chapter 11 Tiebacks, Tiedowns, and Soil Nails

11 CHAPTER JULY 1997 CALTRANS •FOUNDATION MANUAL 11-1 Tiebacks Tiebacks are used in both temporary and permanent structures. The use of tiebacks with

Longitudinal Stabilization System (LSD) for Ground Application

Longitudinal Stabilization System (LSD) for Ground Application Parts required for the LSD System shown right: 1 P/N # 59271 - 3 Sq. Ft. Vector Pad 1 P/N # 59026 - LSD Hardware Kit 2 Galvanized Struts Detailed parts list shown on back 1 2 3 4 061108,d3 Note: 3 sq. ft. Pad #59271 is approved in ...

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's

Minimum Number of Tiedowns The cargo securement system used to restrain articles against movement must meet requirements concerning the minimum number of tiedowns.

USDOT/FMCSA Issues Final Rule on Cargo Securement

The applicable part reads: "The aggregate working load limit of tiedowns used to secure an article or group of articles against movement must be at least one-half times the weight of the article or group of articles.


FOUNDATION SYSTEMS & TIEDOWNS ITEM # OTI & TieDown Straps & Anchors 22185 Anchor - Moly Bolt 22186 Anchor - Moly Head Only 23355 OTI 36 CDP 36" Cross Drive Rock Anchor 23351 OTI 3044 30" W/Quick Cap Stabilizer 23091 Anchor 48" Auger 23350 OTI 3044 30" Auger 23023 Anchor Cross Drive - 36" 23005 ...

PennDOT - section 3

ratchets, clinching components). tiedowns must be attached to the vehicle correctly (hooks, bolts, rails, rings). See figure 3.2. cargo should have at least one tiedown for each ten feet of cargo. make sure you have enough tiedowns to meet this

Synthetic Webbing Used ForTieDowns

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M 370-376 Online

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