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Time Out! I Didn''t HearYou

This can be very valuable when going from listening to the coach in a timeout vs. hearing all of the court action during the game without needing to use extra equipment or wires.

Time Out From Reinforcement

As with other types of punishment, the use of timeout can result in unintended negative effects on the student. Therefore, students should be carefully monitored when time-out is being used.

WebSphere® Application Server for z/OS® V7 Request timeouts

IBM Software Group © 2008 IBM Corporation Updated January 6, 2009 Request timeouts WebSphere ® Application Server for z/OS ® V7 This presentation covers the request timeout functions available in WebSphere Application Server for z/OS.

Behavior Management Planning Sheet: Time Out *

Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole Publishing Yell, M.L. (1994). Timeout and students with behavior disorders: A legal analysis. Education and Treatment of Children , 17 , 293-301.

Guidelines for Using

Guidelines for Using Timeout in Schools October 2002—Special Programs Branch 4 • Should a student present with behaviours that compromise the safety of others, and the student has never presented such behaviours before, the use of timeout, for safety reasons, may occur regardless of the contents of ...

2008-2009 Timeout Comparison Chart

2008-2009 Timeout Comparison Chart *Each electronic- media timeout shall occur at the first dead ball AFTER the minute mark specified in the media agreement.

SecureClient Mobile Administration Guide

The session provides the context for which all encrypted traffic is processed until the user logs out (disconnects), or the session ends due to a timeout.

TRADING HOURS: Monday - Friday 5.30am - 9.00pm Saturday ...

CLASS DESCRIPTION BE STRONG, STAY YOUNG is for our more-mature member we offer this non-impact full body workout. Incorporates, the Fit Ball, Rubber Bands, Step and a bit of Resistance training and weight bearing exercise.


TIME-OUT CHART Use this chart to track the number of "time-outs" that each child earns throughout the week. The key at the bottom is to identify the reason for each time-out.