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If you've ever wanted one for camping, semi-permanent or even permanent living, here's how to make it happen: TIPI DESIGN There are two basic Plains Indian tipis: One uses three foundation poles and the other has four.

LESSON 2: Tipi

People of the Plains: Native Americans in Kansas Traveling Trunk Kansas State Historical Society ©1994 15 LESSON 2: Tipi Time 30 minutes Trunk Resources "How to Make a Tipi" game cards Graphics #1 Wichita Indians Camp Meeting #2 Hummingbird's Camp, Kiowa #3 Southern Cheyenne Tipis #4 ...

Building a Tipi

Are the tipis the same size as the woman, bigger than the woman or smaller than the woman? [bigger] Some tipis were big and some tipis were small.

Living in a Tipi - “Slave Indian teepees”. 1925

2 In the Past Long ago, Dene lived in tipis made from caribou skins. Tipis have been used for thousands of years. They were used in both summer and winter.

Investigating a Plains Tipi Instructions for the Teacher

The people of the Great Plains, Rocky Mountains, and the Intermountain West of what is now the United States brought the conical shelter to a fine art in their beautiful and useful tipis.

Tipi diorama instructions: This is my favorite project for ...

It will give you lots of information about tipis and is written at the 2 nd grade level. Older children or the teacher / group leader may wish to read the definitive work on tipis which is "The Indian Tipi" by Reginald & Gladis Laubin published by the University of Oklahoma Press.

Native American Homes

Since the Great Plains was a grassy area with few trees, Plains Indians often had to trade horses to get the wooden poles for their tipis. Plains Indians needed to travel a lot as they followed the migrations of the animals they hunted, especially the buffalo.

First Major Exhibition in More Than Thirty Years to Examine ...

October 2010 First Major Exhibition in More Than Thirty Years to Examine Tipis of Plains Peoples On View February 18 through May 15, 2011, at the Brooklyn Museum Tipi: Heritage of the Great Plains focuses on the tipi as the center of Plains culture and social, religious, and creative traditions ...

Nordic tipis for events

www.tentipi.com 2010/2011 Nordic tipis for events The Swedish Song Contest 2010. Photo: Äventyrs Service, Sweden. Full of atmosphere, different, functional …

A Tentipi® Nordic tipi lets you embrace the elements like no ...

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