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Coral Sea Holiday Village Resort

... Sports bar with LCD screens featuring major sports events General Information Currency: Egyptian Pound Language: Arabic, English, German, Italian, Russian Weather: May to October: 24-42C November to April: 16-24C November to April: 1624C Places of Interest Nabq Park Mangrove Forest Ras Mohamed Protected Area Tiran ...

Israeli Battle Groups -1973

... Fire Support x1 M3 Self-propelled 120mm Mortar ME-IS03 ArmoredReconnaissance Platoon MANUEVER ELEMENT IS-01 x1 Tank Company Command x1 Sh'ot Main Battle Tank (a) x3 Sh'ot Main Battle Tank (a) (a) May replace ALL Sh'ot Medium Tanks with: Magdan Medium Tank (mostly Sinai Front) Isherman Medium Tank or Tiran 5 ...


Jagannathpur Girls High School, Tiran 112. Sailo GP High School Rahama 113. Girls High School Tirtol 114. Patitapaban High School, Ambei 115.

Conclusions and recommendations of members of the scientific ...

Cover stock: Evergreen by Simpson Paper Co. Certified to contain by weight not less tiran 25% post-consumer & 25% secondary waste. Text stock: Weyerlrauser Husky.

Coral Sea Resort Nabq Bay, Sharm El Sheikh South Sinai -Egypt ...

... private terrace/balcony Air-conditioning with individual temperature control Color satellite TV Direct dial telephone, mini-bar, safe deposit box Location Coral Sea Resort, a superb 5-star deluxe resort, located in fashionable Nabq Area, Sharm El Sheikh, is majestically positioned facing the straits of Tiran.


May 22: Egypt closed the Straits of Tiran to Israeli shipping, constituting a casus belli for Israel. May 24-June 4: Answering the Egyptian call, the

40 Years After 1967

In four days of fighting, the Israeli military routed the Egyptian forces in the Sinai and Gaza Strip, capturing both territories. 1967 On May 22, Egypt, flouting international convent ions on the law of the sea, illegally closed the Strait of Tiran to all Israeli ships.

TeKiribati independent

E ngae ngke e bati ana ibuobuoki Nu Tiran, ma e taku Anote bwa bon te bwai teuana ao akea re-kerekena ma ana babaire ana Tautaeka iaon Biti. John Key, e ok iroun Kiribati, T;Korauaba Ai Tangiran Nu Tiran, te moan boki iaon aron te maeu i Nu Ti-ran, a manga tauraoi naba ngkai ni kabooakinako Ai NZ $12.50 ...

The David Project

UN Secretary-General in 1967, was seen as weak and indecisive. 9 With the UNEF slowly being removed from the Sinai, Nasser’s forces took up strategic positions such as the port of Sharm al Shaykh, which overlooked the straits of Tiran which is a vital shipping lane to the east for Israel.

Israel’s Major Wars

This is indicated by the fact that Israel responded to Egypt's prior closure of the Straits of Tiran, its proclamation of a blockade of the Israeli port of Eilat, and the manifest threat of the UAR's use of force inherent in its massing of troops in Sinai, coupled with its ejection of UNEF.