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Tobago - A Celebration of Festivals

*introduction Here every creed and race find an equal place... In Trinidad & Tobago, our responsibility to nurture the cooperation of many races and religions living in close proximity is based on respect: respect for each other as individuals and tolerance for the differences among our groups ...

Trinidad Tobago

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Patrick Manning this energy-rich twin-island state in the Eastern Caribbean benefits from political stability, ethnic diversity and a well-educated English-speaking population of 1.3 million.

Oil and Gas and the Environment in Trinidad and Tobago ...

'IAIA11 Conference Proceedings' Impact Assessment and Responsible Development for Infrastructure, Business and Industry 31 st Annual Meeting of the International Association for Impact Assessment 28 May- 4 June 2011, Centro de Convenciones, Puebla - Mexico (www.iaia.org) Oil and Gas and the ...

A Taste of Trinidad

TASTE THE WORLD... IN TRINIDAD & TOBAGO Few places in the world offer visitors as wide and varied a gastronomic array of ethnic cuisines as does the twin-island nation of Trinidad and Tobago.


Microsoft Word - Trinidad and Tobago Statement re - Conf World Financial and Econ Crisis 26 June Rev1.doc

Capital of paradise

obago, part of the politically-stable Caribbean republic of Trinidad and Tobago, is one of the most tourism-intensive economies in the world with its stunning scenery, rich cultural heritage, and warm tropical climate.


TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO A DIAGNOSTIC STUDY OF THE FINANCIAL SYSTEM MAY, 1999 This report was prepared for the Inter-American Development Bank by consultants Ms. Mary G. Zephirin, in 1997, and updated by Ms. Patsy Russell in 1998.


1 - 1 THE TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO EARLY CHILDHOOD PROJECT In 1994-95, the government of Trinidad and Tobago, in cooperation with The World Bank, began the development of the Fourth Basic Education Project.


1/ 2001 figures are all estimates based on six months of data, except as noted. 1999 and 2000 figures have been revised based on Ministry of Finance and Central Bank revisions. 2/ 2001 U.S. trade with Trinidad and Tobago are estimates based on 7 months of data. 3/ Represents primarily security ...

BP in Trinidad and Tobago

The BP group BP p.l.c. is the parent company of the BP group, which is one of the largest groups of oil and gas companies in the world, serving around 13 million customers a day, in more than 100 countries.