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Toilets.com, Inc. featuring Porta John® Brand Products Ph. 800-521-6310 (US) Ph. 1-586-739-4611 (Int'l) E-Mail: info@toilets.com Web Page: www.toilets.com 1 www.plumbyourown.com www.comfortstation.com Model 4848HDLD Model 4848ERD Model SJSPCS 600 Model SJSDCS 520 Plumb Your Own ...

Waterless Toilets

2 Waterless Portable Sanitation Systems TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR ALL YOUR WATERLESS SANITATION NEEDS Product Pages Mini Flush Toilet Tanks MRF 555 http://toilets.com/products/mini unit.htm. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


FlushStar ® toilets must : 1. Flush at least 250 grams of waste material 2. Flush less than 2.0 gallons per flush with a standard replacement flapper, or have a specific flapper or flush design that uses less than 2.0 gpf Toilets Products with three stars use 1.28 gpf or less (20% less than ...

WaterSense Labeled Toilets

WaterSense ® Labeled Toilets T oilets are by far the main source of water use in the home, accounting for nearly 30 percent of resi­ dential indoor water consumption.


GRAVITY-FED TOILETS Viper ™ •*HP2*Flushing*technology*delivers*powerful,** *vigorous*flush* *-*800g*MaP*rating*proves*exceptional*bulk** ***clearing* *-*Reliable*Fluidmaster ® *fill*valve *-*Non-binding*stainless*steel*beaded*chain** ***prevents*kinking* *-*Fully*glazed*2"*trapway*for*quick ...

EN - 310 and 320 Series Gravity-Flush Toilets

1 Gravity-flush toilet Instruction manual EN 310 and 320 Series Gravity-Flush Toilets

City of Las Vegas HIGH EFFICIENCY TOILET - Residential Rebate ...

City of Las Vegas HIGH EFFICIENCY TOILET - Residential Rebate Program PURPOSE The intent of the toilet replacement rebate is to reduce indoor water use and encourage the installation of low water use High Efficiency Toilets.

Trend sTalk

Q: What's new in toilets — is there a trend? STREEBY: Innovative new flushing technologies, comfort options and designs from Kohler offer consumers an unprecedented opportunity to demand performance, save water and seamlessly incorporate toilets into beautiful bathroom suites.

WaterSense Tank-Type High-Efficiency Toilet Specification

WaterSense Specification for Tank-Type Toilets Version 1.1 1 May 20, 2011 . WaterSense ® Specification for Tank-Type Toilets . 1.0 Scope and Objective

DeKalb County Department of Watershed Management Toilet ...

Only the exact model names and number combinations on DeKalb County's list of eligible toilets will qualify for the toilet rebate. These toilets have been tested in specific combinations for performance and water savings - tank and bowl number cannot be "mixed and matched" from different models.