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TrEAsurEs From ThE royAL Tombs oF ur Karen L. WiLson, Museum Director, oriental institute From the Director’s Study 2 Travel Program 7 Symposium and Family Program 8


NABATAEAN TOMB COMPLEXES AT PETRA: New Insights in the Light of Recent Fieldwork Lucy Wadeson (University of Oxford) Introduction The decorative façades of the tombs at Petra are a visual testament to the wealth, prosperity and cultural contacts of the Nabataeans, who carved them from around ...

[p.67] The Punic Tombs of the Maltese Islands

Source: PROCEEDINGS OF HISTORY WEEK. (1993)(67-80) [p.67] The Punic Tombs of the Maltese Islands George A. Said-Zammit This study analyzes the distribution of the Punic tombs found thus far in various parts of the Maltese Islands.


Here, I seek to understand the relationship between land and ancestry in Jamaica through the building and alteration of the concrete tomb. 2 Taking into account the materiality of tombs, particularly the contrast between their costly elaboration as well as their apparent abandonment, I employ an approach ...

Ancient China Tombs

Ancient China Dear Teacher, Welcome to the Ancient China school program at the Asian Art Museum! In this docent-led tour, you and your students will examine the beliefs and traditions of ancient Chinese civilizations.


The Mana Tombs are found in the center of Terokkar Forest's Bone Wastes. This area is known as Auchindoun, and there are four instances to be discovered within its depths (Mana Tombs, Auchenai Crypts, Sethekk Halls, and the Shadow Labyrinth).

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THE FROZEN TOMBS OF THE ALTAI MOUNTAINS INVENTARISATION AND CONSERVATION Rudi Goossens a, Alain De Wulf a, Jean Bourgeois b, Wouter Gheyle b, Benjamin Van Bever


To encourage students to think about change over time, they can be asked to compare the five tombs. To make this material more challenging, the teacher could introduce issues relating to twentieth century archaeology, ranging from Chinese concerns to show that China developed independently of the rest ...

Keyhole-shaped tombs in Korean Peninthoka

Keyhole-shaped tombs in Korean Peninsula Hideo Yoshii(Kyoto University) Translated by Hyung Il Pai (UC Santa Barbara) Introduction The most representative type of archaeological burial remains during the period between the 3 rd century and 6 th century A.D. in Japan is the keyhole-shaped tomb.

Multiple Interment Loculi Tombs at Tell Dothan – Burial ...

i PERMISSION TO USE In presenting this thesis in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a Postgraduate degree from the University of Saskatchewan, I agree that the Libraries of