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Unspeakably Cruel — Torture, Medical Ethics, and the Law

n engl j med 352;20 www.nejm.orgmay 19, 2005 The new england journal of medicine 2127 legal issues in medicine Unspeakably Cruel — Torture, Medical Ethics, and the Law George J. Annas, J.D., M.P.H. Torture is a particularly horrible crime, and any participation of physicians in torture has ...


April 18, 2003 347 CQ on the Web: www.cqpress.com Torture T HE I SSUES J ust one day after British troops took control of Basra, in southern Iraq, the survivors of Saddam Hussein's torture chambers led reporters to an internal-security prison on the outskirts of town.

TORTURE: AN INTERNATIONAL CRIME Even one torture victim is ...

Amnesty International 7 April 1999 AI Index: AMR 22/10/99 CHILE TORTURE: AN INTERNATIONAL CRIME Even one torture victim is one too many On 24 March 1999, the United Kingdom (UK) House of Lords ruled that former General Augusto Pinochet can be extradited only for the crimes of torture and ...

Torture: An American Success Story

Economic and Political WeeklyMarch 12, 2005 1009 V INAY L AL O n February 3, 2005, Alberto Gonzales was confirmed by the United States senate, the most powerful legislative body in the world where gentlemen (and a few ladies) do their best, as the next attorney general.

The Interrogation

The Interrogation & Torture Controversy: Crisis in Psychology Each day brings more evidence of abusive treatment of detainees that is deeply troubling in a democracy.

Torture Author(s): Henry Shue

HENRY SHUE Torture But no one dies in the right place Or in the right hour And everyone dies sooner than his time And before he reaches home. Reza Baraheni Whatever one might have to say about torture, there appear to be moral reasons for not saying it.

Types of Torture

PART III TORTURE: VICTIMS AND CONSEQUENCES 153 Types of Torture Vladimir Jovic Goran Opacic (Translated by Anika Krstic) Abstract Measuring of stressors related to war experiences, especially the experiences of torture, as well as systematic collection and analysis of such data, are the ...


L UBAN _B OOK 9/15/2005 7:26 PM 1425 LIBERALISM, TORTURE, AND THE TICKING BOMB David Luban * I NTRODUCTION ORTURE used to be incompatible with American values.

Torture, American Style

Torture, American Style Publication #3 of Historians Against the War (HAW) Reprinted with new Foreword 2006 Contents: Introduction: Margaret Power The American Prison and the Normalization of Torture: H. Bruce Franklin Nicaragua: A Tortured Nation: Richard Grossman The Tiger Cages of Con Son ...


Evidence of Human Subject Research and Experimentation in the "Enhanced" Interrogation Program