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The Mineral Industry of Uzbekistan in 1998

Copper: Mine output, Cu content Almalyk mining-metallurgical complex Toshkent Wiloyati (Tashkent oblast ) 100,000. minng Kalmakyr, ...

Review of economic news of Uzbekistan

UZBEKISTAN ENERGY PRODUCTS IS ENOUGH FOR 100 YEARS RSE "TOSHKENT" REVIEW Banks Oil and gas Stock Market Automobile industry Chemical industry Construction Power industry.


... Termez Hairaton Kabul Kandahar Bishkek Dushanbe Sher Khan Bandar Brest Smolensk Moscow Mamlyütka Petropavlovsk Chinaz Riga Almaty Toshkent NORTHERN DiSTRiBuTiON NETwORK Northern Europe Rail Route Caucus Route Northern Europe Trucking Route KKT Route East Russia Route As part of our commitment to the U.S ...

Overview of Securities Market in the Region

RSE «Toshkent » Exchange ...

Potassium fertilizer plant will be constructed

output in international markets. • Comments on trade results at RSE “Toshkent” Sales turnover of the exchange on January 25, 2008 was about 95.8 mln UZS.

USGS Minerals Yearbook 2009

The program called for fully utilizing existing capacity at the Uzbek refractory and hard metals plant in Toshkent Viloyati, which had been processing material under tolling contracts from Russia.

Uzbekistan Daily

Total sales turnover of the RSE "Toshkent" in 2009 has reached 89.828 bln. UZS. Sales turnover of the RSE "Toshkent" in December 2009 was 10.990 bln. UZS. Sales turnover of the RSE "Toshkent" in 2008 was 111.41 bln. UZS. Trading results at the RSE "Toshkent" on 08.01.2010 Issuer Type of shares ...

Review of economic news of Uzbekistan

NIA «Turkiston-press» RSE "Toshkent" review. 5 25- January, 2009 RSE "Toshkent" review During the period of June 22-26, 2009, 207 deals with stocks of 18 JSCs for total sum of $1 632.72 were made on RSE "Toshkent".

Disaster Management Questionnaire

... (Nukus), Samarqand Wiloyati, Sirdaryo Wiloyati (Guliston), Surkhondaryo Wiloyati (Termiz), Toshkent Shahri**, Toshkent Wiloyati ...

Directory of useful contacts in Uzbekistan

... Mr. M Abidov "Toshkent Tola" 1 Nilufar street, massiv Stroiteley Sergeli tumani, Tashkent, Uzbekistan Tel: (+998 71) 120 47 52, Fax: (+998 712) 58 09 36, ...