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Adresa za separatite: Address requests for reprint to: Vladimir TRAJKOVSKI Vladimir TRAJKOVSKI Institut za defektologija Filozofski fakultet bul. "Krste Misirkov# bb 1000 Skopje Republika Makedonija E-mail: vladotra@fzf.ukim.edu.mk Institute of Special Education and Rehabilitation Faculty of Philosophy Bull.

medicinski tretman

MEDICINSKI TRETMAN DEFEKTOLO[KA TEORIJA I PRAKTIKA 2004; 3-4: 43-56 43 medicinski tretman medical treatment NOVINI VO TERAPIJATA NA AUTIZMOT Vladimir E. TRAJKOVSKI Filozofski fakultet Institut za defektologija INOVATIONS IN THERAPY OF AUTISM Vladimir E. TRAJKOVSKI Faculty of Philosophy Institute ...

PlasmaConcentrationofImmunoglobulinClassesandSubclassesinChil ...

Vladimir Trajkovski, Ljubomir Ajdinski, Mirko Spiroski 1 InstituteofSpecialEducationandRehabilitation,FacultyofPhilosophy;and 1 InstituteofImmunobiologyand

RENA Network Contact List

RENA Contact Guide RENA RENA Regional Environmental Network for Accession (2 / 19) A project funded by the European Union A project implemented by a Consortium led by Human Dynamics © RENA Network 2010 (last update October 5, 2011 4:29 PM) Albania Focal Point Name Mr. Fatos BUNDO Position ...

Aleksandar Trajkovski

1 Aleksandar Trajkovski The Role of Personality in Cultural and Educational Policy (Macedonian post-war music activists) After the end of World War II and after the formation of the Macedonian state within the People's Yugoslav Federation there was a significant attempt to quickly overcome the ...

Iraq Election 2010

It's certainly the special feeling that I am taking part of not only the UNAMI electoral support team but in the history-making that Profile Zoran Trajkovski, UNAMI Election Staff, with Iraqi colleagues at the IHEC in Baghdad.

The Dangerous Passion

CHAPTER ONE The Dangerous Passion Why Jealousy Is as Necessary as Love and Sex By DAVID M. BUSS Free Press The Dangerous Passion Jealousy is not only inbred in human nature, but it is the most basic, all-pervasive emotion which touches man in all aspects of every human relationship.

Aleksandar Trajkovski

1 Aleksandar Trajkovski THE ORGANIZATION AND CONTENT OF MUSIC EDUCATION IN THE REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA IN THE PERIOD BETWEEN 1945 AND 1950 The 60-year long period after the liberation of the Republic of Macedonia saw the establishment of the entire educational system.


STABILITY PACT SOUTH EAST EUROPE COMPACT FOR REFORM, INVESTMENT, INTEGRITY AND GROWTH 17TH MEETING OF THE PROJECT TEAM PARIS, 2 APRIL 2007 Mr. Jordan Trajkovski Economic Advisor for Regulatory Reform General Secretariat Tel: +389 (2) 32 21 524 Fax: +389 (2) 32 21 506 Jordan.Trajkovski@gs.gov.mk Moldova Mrs ...

Two Methods for the Determination of Inertial Sensor Parameters

Scientific Technical Review, 2010,Vol.60,No.3-4, pp.27-33 27 UDK: 629.05:623.023,656.7.052.4 COSATI: 17-07 Two Methods for the Determination of Inertial Sensor Parameters Vladimir Vukmirica 1) Ivana Trajkovski 1) Nada Asanović 1) Inertial sensors, gyroscopes and accelerometers are widely applied.