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GPR-25 AXP Explosion Proof Oxygen Transmi tter

Technical Specifications Accuracy: < 1% of FS range under constant conditions Analysis: 0-5%, 0-25% FS ranges Application: Oxygen analysis from 0.05% to 100% in inert, helium, hydrogen, mixed and acid (CO 2) gas streams Approvals: CE, manufacturer's explosion proof certifications applicable to ...

Hepatitis A Transmitted by Food

INVITED ARTICLE FOOD SAFETY David Acheson, Section Editor Received 12 June 2003; accepted 1 October 2003; electronically published 11 February 2004.

Our parabolic reflector antennas are designed for high gain ...

Our parabolic reflector antennas are designed for high gain, broadband, transmi

Chevrolet Ford Dodge

ATS Transmission Procedures Chevrolet Ford Dodge LCT1000--LCT2500 47RH / 47RE / 48RE E4OD / 4R100 Transmission removal, Installation And testing Please read before any work is done Removal NOTE; Check and record all codes and actions of your transmission ...

Wireless Data Links RTK 1211

antenna port of the radio acts as an impedance boundary refl ec ng the RF energy back to the transmi © er. It is important to use coaxial cable and connectors that can minimize or eliminate the impedance mismatch.

Electricity Transmission: A Primer

National Council on Electricity Policy i Electricity Transmission A Primer By Matthew H. Brown, National Conference of State Legislatures Richard P. Sedano, The Regulatory Assistance Project National Council on Electric Policy The National Council on Electricity Policy is a joint venture among ...


Reynolds Electronics Canon City, Co. 81212 http://www. rentron. com Tel: (719) 269-3469 Fax: (719) 276-2853 e-mail:webmaster@rentron.com Symbol Parameter Conditions Min Typ Max Unit Vcc Operating supply voltage 1.5-12 V Icc Peak Current - 5 9 mA Vin Input High Voltage IData=100Ua (High) Vcc-0.5 ...


• Select transmi © er’s Pulse-Time, 4-20 mA or Peak Detect mode • One device for transmi © er checkout and setup, eliminates need for oscilloscope


The transmi © er model data is automa cally backed up, and is not lost during ba © ery replacement. Servo Reverse (REV): The Servo Reverse func on reverses the direc on of opera on of the servos rela ve to the transmi © er steering and thro © le inputs.

Ohio Summary, 2010 Zoono c Disease Program Bureau of Infec ...

In the eastern United States, Lyme disease is transmi © ed by the black-legged ck, Ixodes scapu laris, also known as the “deer ck” (Figure 2).