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LIVER TRANSPLANTATION At NYU Medical Center's Organ Transplant Center, we recognize that the thought of having a liver transplant is overwhelming to most patients.


Perlite can be substituted for pumice. In all instances the soil must drain quickly to diminish transplant aftercare problems. Step 11: Water thoroughly to settle the soil (Fig. 9) .

Dental Management of Patients with Organ Transplants

SPECIAL CARE SERIES National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research Dental Management of the Organ Transplant Patient Improving the Nation's Oral Health • www.nidcr.nih.gov Every year, more than 25,000 transplantation procedures are performed in the United States to replace solid organs ...


Yes No Transplant coordinator name: Phone: ( ) PRIMARy CONTACT: Transplant coordinator Physician (see PRESCRIBER section for contact information) Please send this ...

A Guide to Lung Transplantation

Your transplant team will instruct you regarding who to call to immediately report any such symptoms. Regular check-ups, x-rays, and breathing tests are also necessary to detect rejection that can occasionally occur without noticeable symptoms.

BC First to Launch Living Donor Expense Reimbursement Program

Funding applications are processed through the transplant programs at BC's three transplant centres - St. Paul's Hospital, Vancouver General Hospital, and BC's Children's Hospital.

TransplanT Ti

Page 2 Transplant Times 2009 I n side The Transplant Times is published twice a year by the Communications Department of BC Transplant. Editor Allison Colina Assistant Editor Ken Donohue The Transplant Times welcomes submissions and letters. c/o Editor West Tower, 3rd Floor 555 West 12th Avenue ...

OPTN/UNOS Concepts for Kidney Allocation

13 Estimated Post-Transplant Survival (EPTS) When a candidate is offered a kidney for transplant, the information available about the candidate at the time of the organ offer will be used to determine the candidate's estimated post-transplant survival (EPTS).

Types of living donor transplants

Contact transplant centers directly for information on specific programs. Barbara (donor) Donna (candidate) Carlos (donor) Maria (candidate) incompatible incompatible Figure1 2 3.

3.2 WAITING LIST. The following policies pertain to the ...

transplant centers and programs within those centers, the other transplant programs within the OPO and the OPO itself agree to the waiting time adjustment.