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Efficiencies of Shrimp

The tongue trawls outperformed the conventional trawls in every respect provided the rigging adjustments were correct, par­ ticularlythe middle bridle extension settings.

Louisiana Trawl Gear Characterization

1-1 Louisiana Trawl Gear Characterization Prepared by Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, Marine Fisheries Division (Please note: Since information in this report is provided on a per-fishery basis, information on some gears other than trawls is included below.

Florida (Atlantic Coast) Trawl Gear Characterization

1 Florida (Atlantic Coast) Trawl Gear Characterization Prepared by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission 1.1 TRAWLS 1.1.1 Shrimp Trawls Gear Description Fishermen cannot use a net larger than 500 square feet (46 square meters) within one mile of Florida's coast (68B-4.0081 F.A.C.).

Various types of gear are used to capture shrimp including ...

Shrimp Trawl Various types of gear are used to capture shrimp including but not limited to cast nets, haul seines, stationary butterfly nets, wing nets, skimmer nets, traps, and beam trawls.

Beamer skipper works full Dyneema® trawls

Skipper Johan Hennaert of the Belgian beamer O-231 has been fishing with full Dyneema ® trawls since August 2008. He reports that his fuel consumption has fallen by at least 10%, while the trawler's catch rate is unchanged.

trawls and dredges

Title: Recommended operating guidelines (ROG) for MESH trawls and dredges . Author(s): Matt Curtis (Cefas), Roger Coggan (Cefas) Document owner:

Seafloor Destruction by Bottom Trawls

Marine Conservation Biology Institute, 600 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, Suite 210, Washington, DC 20003 Phone: 202-546-5346 Web Site: www.mcbi.org Contact: Bill Chandler or Hannah Gillelan 05/17/05 Seafloor Destruction by Bottom Trawls Importance of Healthy Seafloor Habitats Oceans cover more than ...

Skimmers: Their Development and Use in Coastal Louisiana

The skim­ mer was developed to catch white shrimp, Penaeus setiferus, observed jumping over the cork line (headrope) of trawls being worked in shallow waters.

Efficiency of bycatch reduction devices in small otter trawls ...

338 Abstract-Two bycatch reduction de­ vices (BRDs)—the extended mesh funnel (EMF) and the Florida fisheye (FFE)— were evaluated in otter trawls with net mouth circumferences of 14 m, 17 m, and 20 m and total net areas of 45 m 2.


- 1 - RECREATIONALCOMMERCIALGEAR LICENSE (RCGL) CHANGES Shrimp Trawls ISSUE PAPER JUNE 5, 2008 I. ISSUE To allow Recreational Commercial Gear License (RCGL) holders that use an otter trawl to take shrimp the option of using mechanical gear for net retrieval.