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Animal Diversity: Chordata

PHYLUM MOLLUSCA The word Mollusca is derived from the latin word mollis which means soft bodied. GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS • It is the second largest phylum of invertebrates consisting of more than 80,000 living species and about 35,000 fossil species.

J. Mutterlose - (SINZOW, 1877) AND ITS TYPE STATUS ...

Coleoid cephalopods through time (Warnke K., Keupp H., Boletzky S. v., eds) Berliner Paläobiol. Abh. 03 179-187 Berlin 2003 TAXONOMY OF THE EARLY CRETACEOUS BELEMNITE SPECIES AULACOTEUTHIS ABSOLUTIFORMIS (SINZOW, 1877) AND ITS TYPE STATUS J. Mutterlose 1 & E. J. Baraboshkin 2 1 ...


The deepest of these test wells, the Trigonia Oil Company well, went to a total depth of 2,257 feet and reported unconfirmed oil and gas shown, as indicated in a 1969 report to the U.S. Senate's Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs entitled Mineral and Water Resources of Oregon.

Medicinal Plants of the Guianas (Guyana, Surinam, French Guiana)

... Ptychopetalum olacoides Scoparia dulcis Smilax cordato-ovata Smilax cuspidata Smilax pseudosyphilitica Smilax riedeliana Smilax schomburgkiana Strychnos cogens Strychnos diaboli Strychnos erichsonii Strychnos melinoniana Strychnos mitscherlichii Strychnos oiapocensis Trigonia villosa Xylopia ...

Palaeoheterodont diversity (Mollusca: Trigonioida Unionoida ...

Newell & Boyd (1975: figs 3, 27) traced the origin of the Mesozoic 'Trigonia-cea' from the Silurian genus Schizodus, and it was from the Triassic Pachycardiidae that they argued the modern Unionoida had their origin.


stevens rd. n. trigonia rd. county monroe trigonia oxbow rd. black black rd. rd. lee shirley rd. lynnwood dr. lynnwood dr. mc ghee rd. dotson rd. kyker rd. steele steele rd. rd. pine grove cir. rd. tarwater riden rd.

VOL. 25, N° 2, 2006

Genus Pterotrigonia VAN H OEPEN , 1929 Type species : Pterotrigonia cristata VAN H OEPEN , 1929 Subgenus Scabrotrigonia D IETRICH , 1933 Type species: Trigonia scabra L AMARCK , 1918.

Mesozoic stratigraphy of northeastern Chihuahua, Mexico

From several localities I collected the following fossils (Cordoba, 1968) : Exogyra quitmanensis Cragin Trigonia wendlery Whitney Trigonia stolleyi Hill Ideonarca sp. cf. gabrielis Leymerie Dufrenoyia justinae Douvilleiceras sp.

Trace fossils from the Lower-Middle Jurassic Bardas

These mudstones generally lack autochthonous fossils; they rarely yield fragments of Trigonia ( Trigonia ) sp. exhibiting evidence of transport.

Weedy Albian angiosperms

MATERIAL AND METHODS In the South Primorye Region of the Russian Far East (Fig. 1), thick coal-bearing deposits of Barremian - Aptian age are overlain by the marine Trigonia beds, representing a short-time marine ingression and cont aining an early Albian invertebrate assemblage studi ed by ...