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Warm-ups for Young Trombonists

© 2001 Online Trombone Journal - All Rights Reserved http://www.trombone.org/jfb/ Warm-ups for Young Trombonists by Linda Yeo Long Tones Lip Slurs 1. 2.

One Octave Major Scales for Trombone

C F B E A D G B E A D G © 2000 Online Trombone Journal - All Rights Reserved http://www.trombone.org/jfb/ One Octave Major Scales & Arpeggios Scales are the building-blocks of music, and one of the best tools for musicians of all ages to develop technical ability on the trombone.

YE20(a) Trombone Slide Chart

The figures appearing below the notes represent slide positions ...


TROMBONE ANNE POTTER WILSON MUSIC LIBRARY VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY STUDY GUIDE SERIES This study guide is prepared to assist you in locating materials about the trombone that are available in the Vanderbilt Music Library.

2012 ITA Solo & Ensemble Competitions

Those selected as finalists will be invited to perform in a live final round setting at the 41st International Trombone Festival on July 4-7, 2012 at the Conservatoire à rayonnement régional de Paris in Paris, France.


SLIDE TROMBONES Why Hand Slides Require Careful Handling. The hand slides of the slide trombone are delicate and require care- ful handling. The brass outside slides have a wall thickness of from.011" (11 thousandths of an inch) to as little as .006" (6 thousandths of an inch), on the ...


Jay recently released The Singing Trombone, a solo CD designed to assist trombone students. He has taught trombone privately for many years, and his students hold positions in major orchestras.

Gliss Chart

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 The following glisses would work: These would not: The following information is provided because the trombone glissando is an idiomatic and frequently used technique that is often misunderstood.


Trombone is an instrument that students can make tremendous strides on in terms of tone quality as the students Grow and Mature if they and their teachers continue to work for improvement.


BASICS OF TROMBONE TECHNIQUE Posture When standing, stand up straight, look straight ahead of you. Breathe normally, relax your shoulders. When you sit and play, sit upright, as if you were standing.