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Trumpet Fingering Chart

fingering.pdf & c Trumpet in Bb w # F# 123 w G 13 w # w b G# 23 Ab 23 w A 12 & Bb Tpt. w # w b A# 1 Bb 1 w B 2 w C Open w # w b 123 C# 123 Db & Bb Tpt. w 13 D w # w b 23 D# 23 Eb w 12 E w 1 F & Bb Tpt. w # w b 2 F# 2 Gb w Open G w # w b 23 G# 23 Ab w 12 A & Bb Tpt. w # w b 1 A# 1 Bb w 2 B w Open ...

Fing Chart NEW - Trumpet

Alt.: Possible: 1-2-3 & w b w # œ ∫ BA (Ab/G# Concert) b # Common Note Names: This is what the note is usually called. Some notes can have more than one name, just like you can be called by your first name, or your last name (or a combination of them).

New Music Added to Chapter 9: Piano And Trumpet

The Ultimate Warm Up For Trumpet NEW MUSIC! Now Chapter 9 includes all the wedding pieces you'll ever need for piano and trumpet. For ease of playing, these pieces have been lowered to a more accessible key.

Campsis radicans (L.) Seem. ex Bureau

Plant Guide Plant Materials <http://plant-materials.nrcs.usda.gov/> Plant Fact Sheet/Guide Coordination Page <http://plant-materials.nrcs.usda.gov/intranet/pfs.html> National Plant Data Center <http://npdc.usda.gov> TRUMPET CREEPER Campsis radicans (L.) Seem. ex Bureau Plant Symbol = CARA2 ...


TRUMPET FUNDAMENTALS Established in the first two years, trumpet fundamentals need to be continually stressed and extended. Trumpet students need to continue a systematic approach in their development.


TRUMPET ANNE POTTER WILSON MUSIC LIBRARY VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY STUDY GUIDE SERIES This study guide is prepared to assist you in locating materials about the trumpet which are available in the Vanderbilt Music Library.

Please retain this cover sheet with printed document. T HE 20 ...

Reprints from the to promote communications among trumpet players around the world and to improve the artistic level of performance, teaching, and literature associated with the trumpet International Trumpet Guild


TRUMPET CLEANING: Congratulations on purchasing your first trumpet! A good quality instrument can last a lifetime - if it is well maintained. This includes regular check ups at the Senseney Music Repair Center and a regular home cleaning routine.

www.vcaa.vic.edu.au - Trumpet - General information

www.vcaa.vic.edu.au VCE Music Prescribed list of notated solo works: Trumpet For use from 1 January 2011. Annual updates are published at www.vcaa.vic.edu.au

Now that you have a Trumpet, What’s next

Starting the Trumpets by Adrian D. Griffin As it appeared in its unedited version. The Instrumentalist Magazine, April, 2007 As one of the flagship sections of the band, a good trumpet section can set the tone for the rest of the ensemble.